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Dr Vethamalika is the founder/ Director of Vethamalika's Para psychology Medical Research Foundation which is based in Chennai.


Presently, we are located in Mankadu, Chennai and likely to move to a newer place in the same city. Hence, you are requested to secure an appointment prior to visiting in order to update you with the fresh address in case we are relocated. We also boast of another branch in Malaysia.

Dr Vethamalika is a vastly qualified leading Medical Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Paraychologist veteran with a successful clinical record of 02 decades. Her inner research helps herself in specializing Para Psychology and Medical Hypnotherapy.

She is the first Doctor enter the world of Para Psychology and has founded the PARA PSYCHO HYPNOTHERAPY by which all kind of Mental Disorders, pre birth phobias, unknown "Incurable Disorders " arising out of Karma which could not be cured by any medicines or therapies.

For the first time in India a hospital purely for Medical Hypnotherapy and Para Psycho Therapy founded by her by which she heals all the incurable mental disorders. Having worked in a University for several years she helps the Backward children in their Education by the Hypnotherapy method to perform better .

She is the author of many books such as:



“She is a born healer and psychic. Her loving smile and soothing words itself heal you!" -Thanks for the compliments of Dr. M .S Subbulakshmi !

Most of these books were written in 2001. Many of the books were selected for the government libraries and made available and moreover in leading book stalls of Malaysia, Singapore. Her book "MIND IS THE MEDICINE " and "A Comparative study of Medical Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Para Psycho therapy were selected for the Library of Congress in Washington DC in USA.

DR vethamalika is a very pious lady. She has the Gods gift of communicating with her immortal Divine Masters for any kind of worldly or spiritual solutions...the subject shall not discussed further due to personal reasons....

DR Vethamalika, while specializing in PAST LIFE THERAPY she discovered and explored the harmony between science & institution and went on regressing many patients to past life memories and even reunited long separated soul mates. During these process messages from Divine Master come from far and wide, Dr Vethamalika states that “we do not often take time to see, to digest and understand”

She also works as Counselor solving day today problems, great at Distance healing and she provides treatment over phone for people living abroad and who are greatly benefited.

In Times of India [ Feb 6th ] " Dr .Vethamalika pronounced, the eternal quest for love is another common reason for people to seek her service,” What makes a four year child to play the Piano like a master?" What makes another four year old violent?" She asks “you may not have an explanation but your past lives do"

Her mission is to bring health, peace, Light and awareness to individuals and groups for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach.


Dr Vethamalika is Specialized and   doing   further research  in Doll  therapy, Manthra therapy, Muthra therapy, Dance therapy, Past life therapy  for  curing Autism, Dream therapy, Life between Lives Regression therapy, Medical Astrology, Automatic writting,Karmic removal,Distance Healing, Ancient  Numerology, Pyramid therapy, Gem therapy, Aromotherapy Anti Aging therapy, Vibrational  Healing,  Telepathy, E S P, Clairvoyance  and  Clairaudience,  Astral Travel,  Womb stage disorders, Radiant relationships and Past life connections, Self Hypnosis , Future life Progression. Spiritual Hypnosis, Backwardness in Education etc..She  conducts  classes and  workshops  on  the  above  subjects in India,  Malaysia , Singapore and  other  countries.

She received the Best Medical Psychologist   award from Ex Central Minister NVN Somu for her inventions in the  field of Psycho Music Therapy. Her  Thesis  on " Healing  power  of  Classical  Raagas" was  selected by  Dr  Jayasurya, Ex  vice chancellor of  University  of  Alternative  medicines  in  Sri  Lanka to  publish  in  different  languages

Her mission is to bring health, peace, Light and awareness to individuals and groups for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach.

Dr Vethamalika is Specialized and doing further research in Doll therapy, Manthra therapy, Muthra therapy, Dance therapy, Past life therapy for curing Autism, Dream therapy, Life between Lives Regression therapy, Medical Astrology, Automatic writting,Karmic removal,Distance Healing, Ancient Numerology, Pyramid therapy, Gem therapy, Aromotherapy Anti Aging therapy, Vibrational Healing, Telepathy, E S P, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Astral Travel, Womb stage disorders, Radiant relationships and Past life connections, Self Hypnosis , Future life Progression. Spiritual Hypnosis, Backwardness in Education etc..

She conducts classes and workshops on the above subjects in India, Malaysia , Singapore and other countries.

She received the Best Medical Psychologist award from Ex Central Minister NVN Somu for her inventions in the field of Psycho Music Therapy. Her Thesis on " Healing power of Classical Raagas" was selected by Dr Jayasurya, Ex vice chancellor of University of Alternative medicines in Sri Lanka to publish in different languages

In  her  book " Mind  is  the  Medicine" she  concludes PAST LIFE REGRESSION  which  often  leads to  a  greater  understanding  of  the  nature  of  the  life and  as  a  result better  emotional  and  Physical  health

DR Vethamalika , her true passion has always been to help others with the life changing techniques and methods she has learned over the years, particularly through hypnosis and NLP.Dr  Vethamalika  has trained in "Life Between Lives" Hypnotherapy.,


Dr. Vethamalika has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and was an active speaker on the lecture circuit explaining her  discoveries and beliefs about our immortal life in the spirit world.

Her experience in the entertainment industry had exposed her to how depression, anxiety, stress and self esteem issues (and other related concerns) really affect all walks of life, regardless of what social status, fame and fortune individuals may have.

Some people may feel confused by their discovery that despite their financial abundance and social prestige (despite having all that they thought they ‘ever wanted’), they still can feel so ill at ease.

It was through these observations that she decided to work full time with her real passion and skill and help people find a way out of the cycle of negativity (causing physical or emotional problems) and so her successful clinics – Inner City Hypnosis and The Depression Relief Clinic were born.

Inner City Hypnosis offers genuine, effective and straightforward solutions to a range of various mental issues and concerns – including any thoughts, beliefs and behaviours you want to change or completely get rid of.

Inner City Hypnosis can help you with:









    Anger Management
    Anxiety Disorders

    Easy Stop-Smoking Program
    Eating Disorders
    Fear of Flying
    Habit breaking
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Lethargy and Tiredness
    Nail Biting
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    Pain management (including headaches)
    Past-Life Regression
    Phobias & Fears
    Public Speaking
    Self esteem
    Skin Conditions
    Sleep disorders
    Sports Ability & Performance
    Stress Management
    Weight Loss
    All your unique & individual concerns


 Our approach differs from traditional forms of counseling and therapy. We will not be encouraging you to focus or dwell on past events, pain or trauma over and over again.In some cases, we do not even need to know the details of your issue.

Our main focus is on where you want to be and how to get there rather than where you were and what got you there – for the most part, you already know that (that is why you are probably reading this in the first place).


Our methods are not a “quick fix”, in fact, people experience more insightand genuine change than they thought possible. We will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

What is most important to us is that you experience the result you want in the shortest amount of time possible for you, yet always ensuring that the work we do together is extremely thorough and complete.


For Appointment Enquiries please use the Contact Page.

Online Consultations, We're now taking online live online video consultations so you can enjoy a peaceful stress-free life from the comfort of your home or office Live Online hypnotherapy consultations


Service Heighlights


        * Weight Loss
        * Addictions
        * Smoking - Easy Stop Program
        * Habit breaking
        * Skin Conditions
        * Depression
        * Anxiety Disorders
        * Depression
        * Stress Management
        * Phobias & Fears
        * Sleep disorder & Insomnia
        * Pain management (including headaches)
        * Self esteem & confidence
        * Past-Life Regression
        * All your unique & individual concerns.

    The most painfully confusing topic in our lives often seems to be in the realm of the heart.No matter who we are, what we know or what we think we know why is it that when it comes to matters of the heart, we are often overwhelmed by confusion?In truth, it is not matters of the heart that is confusing; it is actually matters in the mind that confuses us. Our heart always knows what it wants, to love with abandonment and or to truly be happy. If it was up to our hearts, these intentions would be carried out with no regards to consequence.However, we allow our mind to withhold our heart from these core wish fulfilments and re-prioritise our values.

We are confused due to our minds’ attempt to “figure out what is best” or to “think” the heart into submission.The mind, despite its well meaning intentions, is frequently tarnished by past beliefs learned throughout our upbringing and influenced by social conditioning. Whether it was a domineering mother, an absent father, sibling rivalry, an uncaring or abusive guardian, a lot of us have experienced some form of deep seated pain during our childhood.This pain is carried on to our adult years, influencing our behaviour today.


If you were spared the painful childhood, the confusion of puberty and the teenage years canoften instil or strengthen insecurities, fears, shame, guilt, anger and other negative emotions experienced.The pain one felt either through a single traumatic event or repeated experiences are enough to form a belief within an individual about themselves.These beliefs, although subjective and illusive, are expressed as “real” behaviors by individuals and manifested as a “reality” in their lives.

The influence of culture, religion, the media and associates can strengthen or weaken these beliefs.However, the pain in our past has been recorded and held on a deeply emotional (unconscious) level. That is why despite discussing it or “knowing better“, we still often can not seem to change or “undo” these set beliefs.In order to change them effectively, we need to make the changes and release the pain on a deeper level than what we are consciously and habitually aware of.Through utilizing hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), changes are made in the realm of the unconscious. It is the most effective and deepest way to change behaviors, fears and habits.


It is the way back to your  heart. People say that Life is not bed of Roses..... but we can make it..... if we  treat  the  disorders  properly., Dr  Vethamalika  says“She is a born healer and psychic. Her loving smile and soothing words itself heal you! “- Thanks  for  the  compliments  of   Dr.  M .S Subbulakshmi !

Have faith! You are blessed, beautiful, happy and loved! Have a good day!















 Dear Dr Vethamalika,
Our sincere gratitude for such a personalized attention,excellent care and a World class treatment. You are simply the best and a million thanks. Hypnotherapy really solved all my personal problems. Thanks to
 Hypnotherapy and Dr Vethamalika
- Sunitha - USA

At some time, I would  have simply given up, had you not shown your kindness and changed my days. My life has been a lot smoother on account of your caring and thoughtful ways. Thanks you millions. You will stay  close to my  heart always. Your Past life therapy really saved my present life!

- Sahana - UK


Thanking you with all our love and the best gift that no one can afford to provide everyone but 'You' can or  many who came to you with trust and most of all great kindness you show. We love you so much. This Para psycho therapy is something new for us but we benefitted a lot!
-Annalakshmi - Malayasia


Dear Dr.Vethamalika,May God bless you always for all the work you do in his name and the love and happiness you show to your patients. Your staff are no different. May god shower you and your patients with good luck.
-Dr.Thara Chandrika - Banglore
we have no words to explain you how I felt after becoming free from my Depression. I still remember those  dark days of my life which was terrible. I feel that there should'nt be any other woman like me who suffered  inside. I am so happy that you are serving a lot of people who are struggling with Mental problems. We were  very happy mainly to those kind words you always mentioned. I should say that you motivated us though we were not seeing answers for more than 10 years. We saw so many doctors, travelled so many places at last we  were blessed you..
-Dr. Preethi - USA

 I am Chandini, got married in the year 2000 and it was a match made in heaven, as they say. , when, after  marriage I started experiencing problems; I couldn't understand why.I tried EVERYTHING that I could to mend/repair my marriage but nothing worked.Having read Dr. Brian Weiss's books I started getting attracted towards Past-Life Regression, hoping to find a solution to my problems, there.

 I saw an article about Past Life Regression in Positive Life.com by Dr Vethamalika , which mentioned Past Life Regression (PLR)sessions. I was intrigued but didn't do anything about it . I wasn't sure and was hesitant to call. A friend told me to call up this place and find out . I called at the given number, asked about the PLR .

That was the turning point! With Dr Vethamalika , each session was deep and intense. Saw a lot and    understood a lot !! The reason for problems with my husband still did not surface, so we decided to go into my husband's past and see if we could find something there. We again saw a lot, and lot of mysteries got solved.

 My attitude towards him started changing and there were changes in him too. In between, things again got very ugly and in Aug. 2004 had my last session with Dr vethamalika which was the most intense session till date. A lot of cle  ansing & clearing was done, cords were cut, healing was sourced and that for me was a  magical session !!

 I was constantly smiling! We had erased a lot of non-positive stuff and my life was a like a clean & fresh white board. I could not remember any of those things, can't remember them even now, they are a hazy blur.

 All this healing finally reached him when he stepped inside the ashram in the last week of Dec'09. He was a changed person when he reached home. Though I must make it clear here that he has no idea of the sessions or the healing that was sourced for him. He went to the Ashram out of curiosity after he heard about it from a friend. I also took sessions for remote healing my sister and she has been fine since then,  also my younger son who used to get disturbing visions is at peace since his cleansing session with Dr.vethamalika.

-Chandini - Germany

 Dr Vethamalika is a true healer and a divine channel. She is full of kindness, compassion and love. My sessions with her have been profound and have brought tremendous growth and awareness into my life Just  from making my first appointment, before the first session had actually taken place, financial abundance and work came flooding my way. In a safe and comfortable environment, she gently and lovingly works with you  and your guides to remove the blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from your true destiny. I am incredibly grateful to her and her healing work and would never hesitate to send any and all of my friends and  family to receive the great gift that Aiden Chase has to offer."
-Mahalakshmi - Newdelhi

Dr Vethamalika is a gifted, intelligent and compassionate healer whose guidance can bring clarity, vision and purpose to pivotal personal and business decisions."

- Dr.Ravi,
Asst. Professor of Health - UK

 “Thank you so much for my healing session Dr Vethamalika.I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for removing my deep anger. I feel really good! I feel a lot happier and lighter and I’m laughing a lot  more. Things that used to irritate me so much I now just laugh at! My PMS used to be horrible but since the session it is so much better. I didn’t have that intense anger I usually have. You were right, making room in  myself for new things works.... I finally found the apartment I wanted. It is truly amazing the difference our  session has made for me. Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful gift.“
-Sam John - Malaysia

"Just pick up the phone and call. This is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. I had never been to an intuitive healer before so I didn't know what to expect. I just went with an open mind and heart. I have had several sessions with Dr Vethamalika and the results have been phenomenal. I am a better and changed person for the experience. I have accomplished more in the past few months than I had the the past 5 yrs.

 I have found myself to be more open to new things and opportunities. I no longer say "NO" as my first reaction. I am excited to be in the world again. I have removed blocks and resistance that I thought I would  have to deal with the rest of my life. The environment that Aiden creates is soothing and calming. You will feel   like old friends right away, and before you know it the session is over and you feel much different. I have  found all the negative people and situations in my life have just fallen away, and new and better things are coming to me now. Best wishes to all who read this."

- Cathy pravin - Singapore
"Dr Vethamalika , I would like to tell you and anyone who may be a skeptic of your healing abilities, how utterly grateful I am for the group session we did. It has always been a bit hard for me to believe ever getting healed from my years of lower back pain and from bad knees that have been bothering me for over 10 years. No doctors could help, acupuncture only helped when I really couldn't bare the pain any longer (only for a short time) and even yoga couldn't make it go away completely... but then there  was Dr Vetha! I can't tell you  how shocked I was, and how strange it felt to suddenly NOT feel pain! I'm still getting used to this good painless feeling! Every time I realize that there is no pain I smile and thank you mentally,(believe me it happens a lot through out the day!) You have an incredibly wonderful gift, and I'm very honored to have experienced this healing with you. Thanks once again."
- Jayson Moton - Thailand

"I attended a group healing event for prosperity with DR Vethamalika and was not sure what to expect. She immediately put us at ease. We sat in a circle and she asked us what we would like to manifest in our lives. I stated my intentions. She then led us through a relaxing guided meditation and then some indiviual  healing work.

 I felt "lighter" immediately afterwards, but the amazing thing is that within two weeks I had manifested all of  the goals I set during the session many of them long-standing issues that depended on other people's participation. I contacted her to thank her, and told her that I now have to make a new list! I later learned that she had performed a Holographic Directional Light Energy Projection that day for us, in which specific intentional information is directed and broadcast in the form of light energy and projected to a specific person, place or concept to support it's manifestation. I look forward to working with Aiden again soon.  She clearly has a special gift."

- Sylvia -Trichy, India
“On my first healing with Dr Vethamalika I was put completely at ease and felt very safe and secure with  her. I loved my experience! I particularly enjoyed the healing meditation with music. The use of healing stones in my hands produced a warm energy that ran the length of my body. We opened something up inside me. The new vibrations continue to resonate through my life. We released my anxiety of daily life  stress, leaving me relaxed with a profound sense of peacefulness and a restored sense of well-being. This experience led me to more deeply examine and explore my spirituality and connection to my heart and the world. DR.Vetha helped me to reconnect to my true self. “
- Manasvini - Madurai
 "Thank you for an amazing sessionDr Vetha.. I felt so incredibly relaxed. You really took me on a magical journey of healing. You gracefully blend so many healing modalities. I felt so alive and at peace all at the  same time. What a gift you have - I look forward to our next session together."
- Sunitha - Chennai, India
 "Dr Vethamalika is one of the most bright & positive individuals I have met. she has the ability to deeply listen to a person, and penetrate into what is really going on with them in a very compassionate way, so you feel she is there for you and your success. When she does his healing, many other dimensions enter the picture to help support you in clearing what needs to be cleared, and illuminating what is ready to be seen. It was a great experience to get a healing from her and I feel blessed to know her."
- Sahana - Mumbai
"Dr Vethamalika 's calm, caring and focused energy created a wonderful safe space, allowing me to relax and connect more to my energy. Her ability to work with energy and facilitate healing created a wonderful session, where I felt much lighter and rejuvenated! She clearly has a true intention to help people, and I  strongly recommend her ."








As a Physician I say, I have learnt that for most of what heals the human race, THE BEST MEDICINE IS LOVE.... IF IT DOES'NT WORK.... DOUBLE THE DOSE!!"



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