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Hypnosis is a method by which any person may be guided into an altered state of conscious awareness ('hypnotic trance') in which psychological and physical changes, beyond normal conscious capability, may be achieved.  Hypnotherapy is a kind of psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy aims it re-program patterns of behavior within the mind, enabling, irrational fears, phobias, negative through and suppressed emotions to be overcome.

Hypnotherapy is a two way process between the therapist and the client, a professional partnership. A person cannot be hypnotised unless he or she agrees and co-operates - this cannot be stressed enough. Also whilst hypnotised, nobody can make you do anything which you do not want to do. . It must be emphasised here that what hypnotherapists do is, by definition, therapeutic. Stage hypnosis is very different. It is a form of entertainment.

The first stage of a hypnotherapy consultation will generally involve an informal chat and some questions from the therapist to ascertain the nature of the issue and the necessary route to overcoming or dealing with it. . The following notes are taken from an information sheet published by the National Council for Hypnotherapy

You are led, by means of the hypnotherapist's gently guiding voice, into a state where your body and mind are relaxed and nearly asleep. To an onlooker it might seem as if you were totally asleep but in fact, though you will normally feel very relaxed, you will remain awake enough to be aware. Also awake will be those parts of your mind which the therapist is working with to induce beneficial changes. This may mean that you will be picturing, as in a daydream, the things which are being spoken of and that you may experience the associated pleasant feelings.REMEMBER that if at any time you feel uncomfortable and want to terminate the session, then you will be perfectly capable of doing so.

After this there is always time left at the end of the session for you to ask questions or to discuss any experiences you had whilst you were in the relaxed, hypnotic state.Hopefully one day we will do away with the strange and mystical stereotype of the hypnotherapist once and for all. The magic is all in the mind of the person receiving hypnotherapy.

The hypnotist merely helps you to use that incredible hidden power to achieve things in your life such as stopping smoking, losing weight, cutting down on stress, gaining in confidence and happiness, even excelling at your chosen sport.

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis you will feel very relaxed, just like that wonderful feeling when you are tired lying in your bed and you are so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment could last forever. Through simple hypnotic, relaxation techniques you can easily attain this state at which time it becomes easy, with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, to visualise yourself becoming healthier, happier, more confident, a non-smoker. Whatever it is that you want to be!

Hypnotherapy  is one of the most powerful things you can ever learn and a skilled hypnotherapist can teach you self hypnosis quickly and easily. You may also find our range of self-hypnosis tapes and cds helpful as well as our free self-hypnosis 'how to' guide.


Definition of hypnotherapy

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep.  It does involve the induction of a trance-like condition, but when in it, the patient is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the hypnotist's voice.  In this state, the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is revealed.

The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient, the seeds of which become firmly planted.

The practice of promoting healing or positive development in any way is known as hypnotherapy.  As such, hypnotherapy is a kind of psychotherapy.  Hypnotherapy aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome

.As the body is released from conscious control during the relaxed trance-like state of hypnosis, breathing becomes slower and deeper, the pulse rate drops and the metabolic rate falls.   Similar changes along nervous pathways and hormonal channels enable the sensation of pain to become less acute, and the awareness of unpleasant symptoms, such as nausea or indigestion, to be alleviated.

In the past, the subject of mental illness was surrounded with mystery and fear. Today, we have made tremendous progress in our understanding and, especially in our ability to offer effective treatments. However, questions about mental illness often go unanswered and stand in the way of people receiving help.

Are People Suffering from Mental Illnesses Violent?

There is a misconception that people with mental illnesses are violent, which contributes to the stigma of mental illness. The vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent, and the majority of violent acts are conducted by persons who are not mentally ill. They are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, and more likely to hurt themselves than hurt other people.


In today’s hectic, metric oriented world it is becoming increasingly difficult to disengage from the daily demands on modern life to find and take the time to look within and find and develop our true potential. Our lives seem to be run by schedules

Then the next day is the same and the pattern just continues to the point that we lose the connection with our inner self. In essence, we only use ten percent of our mind’s potential on a daily basis. The rest is used by our subconscious mind to tend to our autonomic needs. However, if we can tap into our subconscious mind we can actually unlock hidden potential in our inner self.

What Are the Causes of Mental Illness?

The exact causes of mental disorders are unknown, but an explosive growth of research has brought us closer to the answers. We can say that certain inherited dispositions interact with triggering environmental factors. Poverty and stress are well-known to be bad for your health—this is true for mental health and physical health. In fact, the distinction between “mental” illness and “physical” illness can be misleading. Like physical illnesses, mental disorders can have a biological nature. Many physical illnesses can also have a strong emotional component.Today  we  suffer with stress  and  strain,  Depression  ,  Suppresson  of  feelings  , no  channel  for  the  suppressed  emotions,   unable  to  express,  lack of  love  and  lonliness leads  to  severe  mental  upsets  and  disorders which  can  never  get  cured  by  any  medicines. Let  us  see why  mental  illness   arise.

Mental illness  occurs  because  of  TWO reasons:

1. Chemical Imbalance – which  could  be  cured by  medicines but need  not depend on drugs for life long.


2. Psycho social Disorders – Due to lack of love,Emotional  disturbances caused due to happenings in life,  Socio economic status, Family problems, Unexpected events, Insecurity, Peer pressure, Parental support, Childhood  experiences, Seperation  of  parents etc,  Today 80%  of  mental  sickness are  caused due  to emotional and  situational disturbances. These  can  never  be  cured bt tablets or  injections. NO  DRUG IS EFFECTIVE TO REACH THE  MIND. The  drug administered  for this  sickness reduces  the  impact of the  disease but  does not cure fully.

Tranqulizers  create  numbness to  the  emotion.  The  drugs give temporary calmness by  pushing  the  emotional disturbances. Behind. The patient is  awake  but  inactive of any productive activity  as  the  drugs  induce sleep. Once the  patient awake the  depression , worries   reappear   This  becomes  a  chain  reaction. Hence  due  to  this the mental  illness becomes  incurable.


How is  Hypnotherapy effective over other medicinal treatment?

  Side effects  of  drugs  threaten  the  world  today.All  the  drugs  prescribed  for mental  sickness  bring  drowsiness. The  patients  are  not  able  to  work and  study due to  the  effect  of  drugs and  become  tired  and  sleepy. If  they  discard  the  drug they  are tensed and  if  they  take  the  drug they  are  drowsy and  they  just  live  as " vegetables "


  The  first  stage  is  putting  a patient into  a pleasant  state  of Relaxation. The next stage is to  put  his conscious mind sleep and explore  the  root cause of  his  sickness from  the  subconcious  mind  The patient is  taken  back  to  the  past  by means  of Regression, by  means  of  Regression.  By  Hypno amalysis  his  subconscious  mind  is  glanced  through  to  find  out  the  cause  of  sickness.

For  Example ,  a man aged  around 40 years  is  taken  back  to  the  age  of 5 and  all  the happenings that  wounded  his  mind are studied.  The  root  cause  of  his  present  sufferings  lies  there.After  identifying  the  cause ,  the  Dr  adopts suitable  suggestions that  are  to  be  recorded  by  the  subconcious to  get  rid  of  these  sufferings.   No  treatment  will  be  sucessful without knowing  the  cause of of  the  disease.The  finding of  the  cause  of  the   disease is  more  important   for the  treatment, so  if  the  mind  is  cleared of  its  confusion then  it  becomes calm and  the  sickness  disappears without drugs and  its  worst  side  effects.  Automnomous  nervous system  works  under  the  control of  subconcious  mind.  Hence  when  the   subconcious  mind  is  affected   psychosomatic  diseases are  formed. Since  the  suffering  is  in  the  mind  no drugs cure  them The  affected  mind has  to  be  treated  to  get  rid  of  the  physical  illness.


some of the main benefits of hypnotherapy can be classed as follows (there are many more):

Stopping Habits

    Stop smoking cigarettes.drinking alcohol.,
    Overcome drug dependency.
    Lose (or gain) weight, enjoy a healthier diet.
    Get rid of, and/or obtain insight into, other habits.

Management of Anxiety and Stress

    Control panic/anxiety attacks.
    Remove, and/or obtain insight into, fears and phobias.
    Overcome fear of public speaking.
    Deal with stress/anxiety related conditions:IBS, tinnitus, feeling low, anger, irritability, insomnia, lack of concentration, tiredness, muscle pain, headaches,
    various skin problems, digestive problems, etc.

Psychological and Emotional Well-being

    Manage depression or grief.
    Build confidence and self-esteem.
    Control embarrassment or blushin


    Obtain personal insight through dreams, automatic writing, automatic sketches, etc.
    Achieve personal change through positive suggestion, visualisation, affirmation, etc.
    Increase feelings of self-esteem, confidence, self-worth.
    Improve sporting performance, concentration, learning ability.
    Overcome writer's block, access subconscious creative resources, for writing, painting, etc.
    Regress the mind back to childhood, or past-lives.

 The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and life style adaptations to the patient, the seeds of which become firmly planted

Hypnotherapy' facilitates Genuine Healing in the cases:

    Functional  disturbances in Hormonal System
    Any kind of Stress –
    Work related
    Relationship conflicts
    Self limiting Attitudes
    Post traumatic Stress disorders






    ENCLOSED SPACES (Lifts, Underground trains,Flying in a plane),
    EATING DISORDERS(Bingeing, Anorexia, Bulimia)
    Womb stage Disorders
    AUDITARY OF THE PERSONALITIES (inside their mind )

Above are some of them which are being treated and there can be many with .  Allopathic and  Hypnotherapy  treatment can  be  taken  side  by  side  and  absolutely  no  side  effects  due  to  Hypnotherapy. 


  Psychosomatic conditions – Asthma, Allergy, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Irritable Bowel syndrome, high blood pressure,  Diabetese, Antiaging, Ulcer, Temporary blindness  due  to  some  shocks, Childlessness, Infertility, Sexual  problems, Paralysis, Hair falling, Psoriasis, Headaches & Strokes, Angina & rapid ageing, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eye-aches, Migrane, Heart  attacks  and  strokes,  High  B. P and Undiagnosed pains and aches in different parts of body.



  Drowsiness, impaired coordination, memory impairment, dry mouth,Nausea, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, fatigue, Dizziness, nausea, headache, nervousness, dysphoria.,Drop in blood pressure when standing, sedation, dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention, blurred vision, dizziness, weight gain., Menstrual problems for women.

Nervousness, fast heart rate, hypertension,  Allergy, Unclear mind, Confusion,Violent action, Kidney  problems, Hormonal  changes, Aversion  towards family  life,   These are  not the  symptoms of Mental illness  but Drugs. Hypnotherapy  is  a  Drugless therapy cures  disorders permanantly. This  is  the  blessing  of the  great  HYPNOTHERAPY!!


  To make it simple, the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is like growing a garden.  The first thing you do to grow a garden is plant the seeds. And then water them.This is what hypnosis does.If you plant the seeds on land that is already filled with weeds and other things, it is a lot harder for your garden to grow.So, hypnotherapy is the process of removing the weeds and clearing out the soil, so your new seeds can grow.Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where your mind is open and receptive to suggestions.The Induction is a format of getting to that state of consciousness.It is the process of getting to this state quickly and using suggestions and positive affirmations to change whatever you are ready to change.


Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy where you and a hypnotherapist use hypnosis to find out what your false beliefs are (i.e. what is holding you back) and rework them so you can move forward.Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy which uses hypnosis as a tool to access the unconscious mind and harness its power - or, as I like to say, unlock its magic...

 Hypnotising someone is easy - you can learn to do it in a few minutes. You  need  not  require  any special   qualification  to  learn  Hypnosis. It  could  be  used  for  personal development, but you  cant  cure any disorders.  But  people  who  learn  only  Hypnosis misguide  and  claim  that  they  can  cure  any  kind of mental disoreder. It  it  is  entirely  wrong and  a  way  of  cheating  innocent people.

Learning how to use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes takes rather longer. It  needs  special  qualification. Only  a  Clinical Psychologist  or  a  Psychatrist can use  this   method  safetly .  Here  the  Doctor  is  aware of  the mind,  mind  mechanisms, Subconcious mind ,  Defence  mechanism and  how  to  apply the  therapy   safetly. People  should  be  awere  of  the  fact  and  alert  while  selecting the  Doctor  who learnt  Hypnotherapy and  not  a just  a  ordinary person  who  learnt  only  Hypnotism  as  it  is  dangerous and  harmful to  the  patient.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have studied this unique process for years. I have helped many make the positive changes they were seeking successfully since 1998. The results my clients have enjoyed over my years of practice can be yours! New scientific evidence suggests this  Hypnotherapy can improve your motivation and problem-solving abilities at a subconscious level to help you achieve your dreams.!

Difference between Counselling  and  Hypnotheray

 In the context of mental health, "counseling" is generally used to indicate a relatively brief treatment that is focused mostly upon behavior. It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and offers suggestions and advice to deal with it.

Hypnotherapy  on the other hand is generally a long term treatment which focuses more on gaining insight into chronic physical and emotional problems. It's focus is on the patient's thought processes and way of being in the world rather than specific problems.

In actual practice there may be quite a bit of overlap between the two. A therapist may provide counseling with specific situations and a counselor may function in a psychotherapeutic manner. Generally speaking, however, Hypnotherapy  requires more skill than simple counseling. It is conducted by professionals trained to practice Hypnotherapy. . While a psychotherapist is qualified to provide counseling, a counselor may or may not possess the necessary training and skills to provide psychotherapy. In  short  one could  say  Counseling  is  only  for solving problems at  the  conscious  level but Hypnotherapy  deals  with Subconscious mind,  finding  out  the  root  cause  of  the  problem and cure permanently.




Working in conjunction with the patient's medical practitioner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist can help with some of the issues. The patient can be assisted with many things:

    Resolving issues with family, friends, colleagues
    Regaining or increasing confidence
    Sleep improvement
    Stress relief and management
    Anger management
    Emotions and Pain
    Hobbies and leisure activities
    Past successes and future planning; etc.
    Positive Outllook
    "Parts" therapy and "energy" based therapies are also useful to heal some of the issues.

"Many people with schizophrenia continue to experience symptoms despite the use of conventional treatments. Alternative therapies such as Hypnotherapy , in conjunction with conventional treatments, may prove beneficial to them. Hypnosis is a "procedure during which a health professional or researcher suggests that a client, patient or subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviour". Hypnosis is used by some healthcare professionals to improve symptoms for people with schizophrenia ..."



    Acute stress disorder
    Adjustment disorder
    Adolescent antisocial behavior
    Adult antisocial behavior
    Adverse effects of medication-not otherwise specified
    Age-related cognitive decline
    Alcohol-related disorder
    Amnestic disorder
    Amphetamine (or amphetamine-like)-related disorder
    Anorexia nervosa
    Antisocial personality disorder
    Anxiety disorder
    Anxiolytic-related disorder
    Asperger syndrome
    Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
    Atypical autism
    Autistic disorder
    Avoidant personality disorder

    Binge eating disorder
    Bipolar disorder
    Body dysmorphic disorder
    Borderline intellectual functioning
    Borderline personality disorder
    Breathing-related sleep disorder
    Brief psychotic disorder
    Bulimia nervosa

    Caffeine-related disorder
    Cannabis-related disorder
    Catatonic disorder
    Catatonic Schizophrenia
    Childhood antisocial behavior
    Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
    Chronic motor or vocal tic disorder
    Circadian rhythm sleep disorder
    Clinical Depression
    Cocaine-related disorder
    Cognitive disorder
    Communication disorder
    Conduct disorder
    Conversion disorder

    Eating disorder not otherwise specified
    Emotional disorder
    Enuresis (not due to a general medical condition)
    Expressive language disorder

    Factitious disorder
    Fregoli delusion

    Ganser syndrome
    Gender identity disorder
    Generalized anxiety disorder
    General adaptation syndrome

    Hallucinogen-related disorder
    Histrionic personality disorder
    Huntington's disease
    Hypomanic episode




    Impulse control disorder
    Impulse-control disorder not elsewhere classified
    Inhalant-related disorder
    Insomnia due to a general medical condition
    Intermittent explosive disorder 


    Learning disorders

    Major depressive disorder
    Major depressive episode
    Male erectile disorder
    Manic episode
    Mathematics disorder
    Medication-related disorder
    Mental disorder-not otherwise specified due to a general medical condition
    Mental retardation
    Mixed episode
    Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
    Mood disorder
    Mood episode
    Motor skills disorder
    Munchausen's syndrome
    Munchausen's syndrome by proxy
    Multi-Personality Disorder (better known as Dissociative Identity Disorder)

    Narcissistic personality disorder
    Neglect of child
    Neuroleptic-related disorder
    Nicotine-related disorder
    Nightmare disorder

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
    Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)
    Occupational problem
    Opioid-related disorder
    Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)

    Pain disorder
    Panic attack
    Paranoid personality disorder

    Parent-child relational problem
    Partner relational problem
    Pathological gambling
    Personality change due to a general medical condition
    Personality disorder
    Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)
    Phase of life problem
    Phencyclidine (or phencyclidine-like)-related disorder
    Phonological disorder
    Physical abuse
    Polysubstance-related disorder
    Post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED)
    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    Premature ejaculation
    Primary hypersomnia
    Primary insomnia
    Psychological factor affecting medical condition
    Psychotic disorder


    Reactive Attachment Disorder of infancy or early childhood
    Reading disorder
    Relational disorder
    Relational problem
    Religious or spiritual problem
    Residual schizophrenia
    Rett's disorder
    Rumination syndrome

    Schizoaffective disorder
    Schizoid personality disorder
    Schizophreniform disorder
    Schizotypal personality disorder
    Sedative-, hypnotic-, or anxiolytic-related disorder
    Selective mutism
    Separation anxiety disorder
    Severe mental retardation
    Shared psychotic disorder
    Sibling relational problem
    Sleep disorder
    Sleep terror disorder
    Sleepwalking disorder
    Somatization disorder
    Somatoform disorder
    Stereotypic movement disorder
    Substance-related disorder

    Tardive dyskinesia
    Tic disorder
    Tourette's syndrome
    Transient tic disorder

List of mental disorders as defined by the DSM and ICD disorder :

  Pain disorder - Panic attacks - Panic disorder - Paranoid personality disorder - Parasomnia - Pathological gambling - Perfectionism - Pervasive developmental disorder - Pica - Postpartum Depression - Post-traumatic embitterment disorder - Post-traumatic stress disorder - Primary insomnia - Psychotic disorder - Pyromania - Reading disorder - Reactive attachment disorder - Retts disorder - Rumination syndrome - Schizoaffective disorder - Schizoid - Schizophrenia - Schizophreniform disorder - Schizotypal personality disorder - Seasonal affective disorder - Self Injury - Separation anxiety disorder - Sadism and masochism - Shared psychotic disorder - Sleep disorder - Sleep terror disorder - Sleepwalking disorder - Social anxiety disorder - Somatization disorder - Stereotypic movement disorder - Stuttering - Suicide - Tourette syndrome - Transient tic disorder - Trichotillomania


 It is a proven fact that sugar increases your insulin levels, which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, premature aging, and many more negative side effects.    Sugar can also cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, which leads to hyperactivity, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating.

Dr. James S. Gordon, a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, uses exercise extensively when treating depression.

“What we’re finding in the research on physical exercise is that physical exercise is at least as good as antidepressants for helping people who are depressed. And that it’s even more important for older people,” Dr. Gordon says.   Physical exercise changes the level of serotonin in your brain. It changes, increases your levels of “feel good” hormones, the endorphins. And also, it can increase the number of cells in your brain, in the region of the brain called the hippocampus.

Please, don’t delay starting an exercise routine. Many Americans don’t getenough exercise, but this problem is easily remedied if you view exercise as a crucial part of getting healthier and happier.


Other Key Factors to Overcoming Depression

   Clearly by now you will have realized that radically reducing or eliminating all forms of sugar is an important step to address the root problem in your body that may be significantly contributing to your depression.    That, plus exercising, may bring you a lot more relief than most conventional strategies used against mild to moderate depression.

Back in the late 1800's Dr. Tinera discovered that if you remove sugar from the diet many so called mental illnesses just seem to disappear. Also, sugar seems to be the leading cause of schizophrenia.

Dr. John Tinera and many others since, have stated that no one again, no one should ever undergo any type of psychotherapy without first having a five hour blood glucose test!! He has shown that many mental and physical illnesses are cured by the elimination of sugar from the patients diet.


 There are two aspects of consciousness that come into play in the hypnotic process: the conscious and the subconscious. There exists a third aspect of consciousness: the higher Self or the transcendent aspect of consciousness or the super consciousness.

The higher Self, a spiritual, wise, and infinite aspect of our consciousness, can be directly accessed and engaged as the inner therapist/healer in the hypnotherapy process. It is an aspect of human consciousness that goes beyond our waking, ordinary ego consciousness that embodies, presents, or can access certain wisdom not experienced in normal consciousness.

The higher Self is said to be a distinct part or function of the individual. It is an entity in itself, with consciousness or awareness like the ego, and it is assumed to be a part of everyone. It witnesses the person’s experiences.

By directly invoking the higher Self and by facilitating a technique of voicedialogue, the higher Self can become a resource for inner guidance and self-healing in the hypnotherapy process. In the hypnotherapy session, the facilitator or hypnotherapist can ask the client’s higher Self or voice of spirit to be the inner guide and director for the client.

Similarly, while in trance, the client is helped to connect with one’s Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, the Supreme Being or the Creator for help & guidance on their journey through life. One is guided on one’s soul purpose & their role on Earth. It also facilitates immense wisdom of the spiritual world & karmic cleansing

Spiritual hypnotherapy is combining scientific hypnotic principles and psychic cleaning tools to help us wake up to our true identity as spirit and rise in vibration to heal our body and live a wonderful life through these bodies.


 The aim of most hypnotherapy is to erase some undesirable behavior of a person. The aspect of behavior to be modified may be one thing like overeating, stopping smoking, anxiety or it could possibly range to more severe character disorders like psychosis. The therapist, in hypnotherapy, places the topic right into a trance like state by which the therapist can deliver suggestion or speak with the subject's subconscious mind directly. Mainly, the trance allows the therapist to bypass the subject's conscious.

Inducing a trance is a comparatively easy process. There are numerous techniques like having the topic stare at and concentrate on a spot on the wall or waving a stopwatch or pendulum again-and-forth in front of his face as he follows it together with his eyes. The therapist, talking in a monotone, says things like "you are changing into increasingly relaxed", "you can feel the tension draining from your physique", etc. When the subject is within the trance the therapist then gives the solutions in the identical monotonic voice.

The strategies have to be rigorously worded to bring in regards to the desired effect. When the remedy session is over, the therapist brings the topic out of the trance by saying something like "you are become more aware of your surroundings" and "open your eyes when you are able to". The subject will then "get up". Hypnotherapy directed by a therapist is referred to hetero-suggestion.

If the intention of the hypnotherapy is to modify habits like overeating or stopping smoking, often multiple sessions is required. The consequences usually are not quick however the conduct should begin to alter progressively in days or weeks.

Hypnotherapy could make it simpler for the subject to drop a few pounds or to give up smoking. Additionally, hypnotherapy might be helpful in the therapy of some psychoses. In the trance like state the therapist can discuss with the subject and convey up repressed events which are causing problems within the topic's life.

Some things too painful to say in a acutely aware state may be able to be revealed in hypnotic state. These painful past events could also be inflicting symptoms like desires or nightmares, phobias, etc. A psychotherapist, having knowledge of those events, is in a greater place to help the topic recover.There are numerous advantages of hypnotherapy for individuals who wish to modify behavior.



Super Learning Hypnosis-

 You  can Improve Learning With Hypnosis ,  You  can Improve Memory With Hypnosis and  Improve Concentration With Hypnosis ..Hypnotherapy Improves Self-Concept and  it  is a Memory Booster One of the key features in the art of studying is to be interested in what you are learning. Even if it is a topic that you feel you may not be able to use in the future, you'll find that by showing interest in it you will absorb so much more.

You have continued to study the same way since you were a child. As you grew older many things in your life have changed; however, you are still studying the same way. So you will now learn a more effective, better way of studying. Setting a new habit is easy to do, and you are now going to set a new habit of studying.

Your mind is the most perfect computer ever made. Your strong subconscious mind stores every bit of information that you have ever experienced. All that information and all the new information that you are now learning is available with perfect recall in your mind. You retain all the information that you learn.

You now find all of your studies interesting, and because you find them interesting you'll find it very easy to concentrate on your studies. You will not become bored with your studies because you find them so interesting. You enjoy learning new information. You find that you now absorb all information that you learn.

You no longer procrastinate or put off your studies because you find your studies so interesting. You will get them done as early as possible. By doing this you'll find that you have more free time. It gives you a great sense of confidence and satisfaction to finish and be caught up on all of your studies. You find that you are more disciplined in your studies than ever before.

Hypnotherapy helps to :

    Eliminate Self-Sabotage
    No More Excuses
    Enhance Concentration
    Stress-Free Test Taking
    Heighten Memory Retention
    Improve Study Habits
    Boost Confidence
    Gain Self-Esteem
    Excel at Problem Solving

Start using YOUR brain's full learning potential. Latest RESEARCH proves there is a link between SLEEP and LEARNING
If you've ever wanted to master another language, cram up on any subject, commit to self-growth or just pass those exams - with less effort! Then you've come to the right place. Dramatically increase the rate at which you learn and comprehend.

Absorb large amounts of new information quickly by going directly to your subconscious mind.

 Introducing an amazing technique that lets the mind absorb information while the body is at rest. Scientifically researched in laboratories and homes throughout the world, listening to learning material during sleeping hours has proved to be a highly effective way for people of all ages to realize their full learning potential.Sleep learning is a way to harness the power of your subconscious while you sleep, enabling you to learn foreign languages, pass exams, undertake professional studies and implement self-growth by using techniques based on research conducted all over the world with great success.

It's the most incredible learning aid for years. Takes the stress and effort out of learning any information or subject area and aids people to grasp a subject sub-consciously. The average human only uses 5% of normal brain capacity, the other 95% goes to waste.A team of researchers working for the United States Library of Congress concluded that " the Soviet (now Russia) sleep learning research program is extremely well organized and sophisticated. The outstanding feature of the Soviet sleep learning program is the caution and pragmatism exercised by its leaders."

Sleep Learning taps into the brains sub-conscious while you sleep, allowing ANYONE to learn ANY subject with LESS EFFORT.In Budapest, Hungary, a student wanted to learn English quickly enough to win a BBC contest. Using the sleep-learning method , he memorized one thousand and twenty-six English words in six weeks and won first prize!

Scientific research has proven that this system really works and will allow a person to absorb information into their sub-conscious as they sleep - WITH A FAR BETTER RETENTION CAPACITY! The latest research on (1) sleep, (2) the brain and (3) learning has shown how it is possible to tap into:

(1) The 8 hours you spend sleeping every night
(2) The other 95% of the brain's capacity
(3) Revolutionary new optimised learning techniques

Using our specially prepared CD'S you can start tapping into an incrediblereservoir for learning, self-help and improvement. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation),there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred... Whatever you can do or dream you can... Begin it now.Tap into the power of your subconscious and start changing your life NOW!



  Self hypnosis is as natural as sleeping. In fact every one of us, including you, enters states of trance throughout every day. When you first wake in the morning and just before you go to sleep you are in a self hypnosis trance state. If you watch television, read a book, daydream or become engrossed in a task you are in a state of hypnotic trance. Self hypnosis is as natural to you as breathing!

A Closer Look to the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

  The conscious mind is commonly known as the active and thinking part of the brain. It is usually responsible for logic and reasoning. One can say that their consciousness is active whenever a person is totally aware of the surroundings and can decide to do voluntary actions.
On the other hand, the subconscious mind is associated with dreaming or being in a trance-like state. The unconscious part of the brain is largely responsible for involuntary movements of the body such as breathing.
It is believed that the subconscious part of the brain is the storage for memories, desires and beliefs. That’s the reason behind why modifying a person’s beliefs and thoughts can only be achieved through hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Benefits

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is widely used by certified hypnotists, medical practitioners and even ordinary people in a variety of ways. It can be applied to overcome any psychological and emotional issues that most individuals commonly face.
Most of them use this technique to change and modify one’s behavior, self perception, and unhealthy lifestyle.
Applying hypnosis to yourself and to others can totally bring out one’s inner potential and strengths. Not only it empowers people to change their false beliefs and become successful in life, it also enables people to face their fears and overcome personal struggles as well.

Below are some out of the many self hypnosis benefits:

•Increases self-awareness
• Improves self-esteem and confidence
• Targets and modifies unwanted, negative behaviors and limiting beliefs
• Installs positive life-affirming beliefs
• Manages stress, anxiety, traumas and dietary problems
• Attracts abundance to life which includes happiness, love, success, health and wealth
These are only few of the several benefits and advantages you can get from learning and practicing self hypnosis. You can use this technique to increase your happiness, power, health and thus become more successful.!

Here are 6 things you can use self hypnosis for to change your life today!

1. Remove or Change Behaviours. Self hypnosis is a proven tool for eliminating behaviours that people deem negative or inappropriate. If you have any behaviours that you want to stop then using this trance-inducing technique is the key.

2. Removing Negative Beliefs. Do you hold some negative beliefs that damage how you interact with others or yourself? Many beliefs, like "I'm not good enough" or "all men are cheats", can seriously damage your quality of life. Through self hypnosis you can easily influence your mind to eliminate these beliefs quickly and permanently.
3. Implant New Positive Life-Affirming Beliefs. You can implant new beliefs into your subconscious mind easily using this approach. How would you like to think, feel and believe as Bill Gates does? Do you think that might have an impact on your ability to generate more money?

4. Pain Relief. Hypnosis is used frequently within the medical establishment as a form of pain relief. As hypnosis and self hypnosis are essentially the same thing it should come as no surprise that self hypnosis is also highly effective at reducing pain.

5. Stress Relief. You can reduce or totally eliminate stress with very little effort.

6. Weight loss. This is probably the most common use for this tool as the western world encounters weight problems that are becoming epidemic. If you have a weight problem or just want to shed a few extra pounds then this is a very effective way of doing it.

With major advancements being made in our understanding of how the mind works, and how it affects our bodies and the world around us, using such a powerful tool can give you an advantage that you would not normally have.

Pre-made self hypnosis recordings are very advanced. In recent years that have started to use the latest advancements to create faster, deeper and more effective trance states. In fact many of the very best titles use cutting-edge technologies and psychological mechanisms to create instant and lasting change as is the case with phobias and fears.

Now that you have a better understanding of how self hypnosis can help you why not give it a try? You never know how your life could improve!    



Use The Power Of Hypnosis

To Feel, Look, and Be More Youthful

In 30 Days Or Less 







Hate getting older? Want to feel a lot younger and live a lot longer?    you probably have a lot of limiting beliefs about aging that are deeply embedded in your unconscious mind. If you can find a way to tweak those beliefs, you will think/feel/look/be more youthful – and live a lot longer.It's that simple.


Don't Let Conventional Thinking Con You Into Being Older!

  After years of hearing comments and jokes about being over the hill at 30 or 50 or 65, your unconscious mind starts to believe it. Years of books, movies, and geezer cartoons reinforce that message and your unconscious mind comes to believe it.

Those beliefs are mental poison! Your expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies that destroy your health and turn you into an old person – right when you should be getting the most out of life! We  can  change  the negative  thoughts in  your  subconcious  mind and  make  you  to  think that  you  are  young  always  by Hypnotic  suggestions

I took the most powerful secrets and incorporated them with Ericksonian hypnosis techniques to create a system that takes only 20 minutes a day.The system is effective because it works on your unconscious mind to adopt healthier beliefs and to feel better – hours, even days after listening to the session.

There are lots of hypnotists that can get you into a very relaxed state. What separates powerful life changing hypnosis from just a relaxing experience is knowing how to craft the message to match the way your unconscious mind thinks. Rather than generic commands or generic affirmations, the message needs to capture your unconscious minds’ imagery and imagination with carefully crafted metaphors and stories.

Naturally Make Stress And Insomnia -A Thing Of The Past!

    In today's fast-paced world, many people assume that stress is just a fact of life. Stress speeds up aging and can lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and an early death. People who handle stress well are happier and live longer. People who accept growing old as a “natural process” tend to age faster and die sooner.    

The problem isn’t stress but coping skills in handling stress. Some people are “stressed out” by breaking a nail or having someone cut in front of them in traffic. Contrast that with one of my favorite youthful role models, Art Linkletter. He is in his nineties. He finds his very busy speaking, writing, and business career invigorating rather than stressful.  

Many people get stressed out simply because they do not have any other way of coping with the routine hassles and pressures of daily life.

Don't Ever Waste Money On Pills, Powders   

But you don't have to waste your time, money or energy on any of these media-created snake oils.

New ! REVOLUTIONARY! A Hypnotic Approach to Anti-aging Now you can look, feel and be younger by using the power of the mind on stress and aging. It's the secret to youthful energy, vitality and health -- the "internal face-lift"  that shows on the outside   
Youthing:  A Hypnotic Approach to Anti-Aging™

Now You Can Look, Feel and be Younger by using the Transformative Power of the Mind on Stress and Aging."

 Beauty is only skin deep." Traditional anti-aging methods such as cosmetics, injections, and surgery create an outward impression of youthfulness. This can mask the aging process and deterioration that is occurring internally in your bones, organs and cells. True age is not determined by the look of the skin, but by the condition of the whole body and spirit. Authentic youthfulness is reflected in such things as healthy cells, energy, flexibility, vitality, creativity, curiosity, and optimism.


It is well known that the body responds physically to instructions from the mind.  I have developed a unique program that transforms you internally, to slow and even reverse the aging process. Since our cells respond negatively to and deteriorate as a result of influences such as stress, anxiety and some of the things we do to our bodies physically, it follows that our cells also respond to positive influences. Research shows these assumptions to be true. Thoughts--and the subconscious mind (below the level of conscious awareness) do have an effect on physical change.

The "power of positive thinking" has become a cliché. But it does have validity. Yet conscious positive thinking is not nearly as powerful as hypnosis. Using self-hypnotic techniques, change and rejuvenation is faster and more lasting.Hypnotherapy reduces stress, and fear associated with surgery, promotes rapid healing and reduces pain and side effects.  It is effective in the treatment of many chronic conditions and is widely used to support cancer patients through chemotherapy and other painful procedur.

Hypnotherapy  is a blessing in disguise to many  

  Master your own emotions and run your own mind people that suffer with mental disorders and distorted thought patterns. Discover and be your true potential    Remove unnecessary fears and phobias and issues such as anxiety and low self esteem Transform your career, health, finances and relationships

Tap into the power of your subconscious and start changing your life NOW!  I  wish  you  all  the  best dear  friends.     

BE Young , Be Healthy and Be Happy Always!!









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