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NOTE:   Please fix the  appointment  over  phone  and  visit us.  Dr Vethamalika visits  Malaysia  and  other  countries often.  So   please  make  sure  of  her  availablity   and come. You  are  most Welcome!
Also  please  note  that  except  Dr. Vethamalika  and  Dr.  Uma no  other  Doctors  work  in  our clinic,  even in  her  absence. We  receive  complaints from  some patients as  they  get  cheated by  others  using Dr vethamalika 's name.  Beaware of  others who  uses  our  name.  Thank  you.


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As a Physician  I say, I have learnt that for most of what heals the human race, THE BEST MEDICINE IS LOVE ....IF IT DOES'NT WORK.... DOUBLE THE DOSE!!"


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