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PARA PSYCHO THERAPY is a new invention, a new therapy based on Telepathy, E S P, Mind Reading, precognition, Angel reading, Soul Healing ,Automatic writting, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience,Transformational Trance Therapy, Spiritual Healing, to cure the Present Life Problems such as Loss Of Property and Poverty , Childlessness, Delay in Marriage and Marital problems Incurable Mental and Physical disorders etc with Divine Healing.

Let me ask you something--are you unhappy? Do you sometimes yearn to find relief from the many stresses and worries of modern living? Do you sometimes think “If only I could get my legs under me, catch my breath, and just really rest for a while... then I could think!”? Do you ever long to make real changes in your life, but find you just can’t seem to make those changes stick?

Perhaps you become aware of yourself doing things, or making choices that really aren’t the best for you? Would you like to let go of a particular bad habit or maybe silence some of that negative self-talk you’ve been experiencing? Perhaps you notice certain behaviors that are counter-productive, and seem to keep you from being your very best self?

We are here and ready to help you release those issues that no longer serve you; we are here and ready to help you become the best version of yourself. Try us; we’re the Para Psycho Therapy Professionals, and we’d love to work some gentle but powerful magic with you!

No longer does the client have to wait for months, or years, to find an improvement in the problems of his or her life-- the power of Transformational Trance Therapy to affect positive change is generally felt immediately, and its efficiency is always felt to be unparalleled.

All of us are endowed with an innate ability to renew and heal ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. We can gain access to our inner healing resources by entering a concentrated state of being called "trance."Our inner resources include both wisdom about what is needed and the power to effect change. In some cases the changes that occur are sudden and spectacular; in other cases they are gradual and ordinary. Therapeutic trance is not magic--but it is a powerful tool for personal growth.






We can heal the soul by Divine Healing.Divine Energy can be called "miracle energy", and the way that it works on the Soul level is just that - miraculous - there is no question, are you good enough or do you deserve this, the point of this Healing is that all Souls are equal, all come from the same Divine source.

I work with the Divine Energy of the Great Healers – Buddha, Swami Dr Gopala Krishna , Dr Wooloo, Babaji, , Shirdi Sai Baba. My Teacher is Swami Dr Gopala Krishna in India. I am fortunate to be Guided to heal with the Divine Energy of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Healing the Soul -By channeling Divine Energy to your Soul it is possible to relieve and reverse Soul damages and negative impressions. To literally lift karma.By channeling Divine Energy to your Soul it is possible to relieve and reverse Soul damages and negative impressions. To literally lift karma.

Past Life Knowlege


Often it is helpful when healing the Soul, to have some insight into past lives. To gain a deeper understanding of where we have been and why we are experiencing some of the issues we experience in this life. Heal the Soul to Heal the Body.The root cause of all sickness and injury of the Body and Mind is damage - through karmas - at the Soul level.By fixing the Soul Level, miraculous changes - healing - occurs in the Body and Mind.

Mental problems - worries - anger, sometimes just vanish. Physical problems, which are just manifestations of old karmas and karmic patterns, often just vanish when there is Soul Healing. The most pressing areas of trouble and pain are the areas that Soul Healing will benefit first.

Often it is helpful when healing the Soul, to have some insight into past lives. To gain a deeper understanding of where we have been and why we are experiencing some of the issues we experience in this life. I can quickly see the Past Life that is the most important in this life, and the karmas associated with it and provide you with the answers you are seeking.


How is Soul Healing able to work over distances?


Each Soul has both a personal level - your soul - with all your personal issues, karma and desires and a connection to Higher Universal Soul - and what I do is connect through the Higher Soul level to specifically focus on your Soul. The Higher Universal Soul is everywhere, there is no distance to speak of. I am Spiritual Seeker, but I seem to have blocks and I am kind of stuck, will this help?

On the Spiritual path there can be many challenges. Having a strong connection to your Soul and deep clarity is invaluable. Soul Healing reestablishes that connection and clears away blocks.

Can Soul Healing Help with Physical Illness?


The root of all illness of the body is some problem on the Soul level. Either caused by our past karmas in previous lives or in this life. These find their way to becoming the unresolved problems of our life. When Divine Energy is brought to the Soul - immediately these problems begin to be fixed - and the corresponding body / physical problems begin to be resolved.

How does Soul Healing help find my Soul Mate?

After the connection is made with your Soul, then I can direct the energy in that way, to open your soul to your soulmate, and enliven the natural connection with your soulmate. Then automatically you find each other.



Automatic writing is a tool for connecting and communicating with spirit guides, angels or your higher self through writing.It enables you to receive answers to questions important to you.

Writing automatic and indeed drawing automatic can be utilized to answer questions, seek guidance form the spirit world and the angelic realms The spirits may also communicate by forming messages in the mind of the writer, which are then reproduced as perceived on the paper. For some others yet the writing automatic is unconscious and messages are formed from material in the subconscious mind, from the higher self within you



It is believed that Gods word is communicated through these celestial messengers who serve his will, for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt" Personally I feel angels are indeed messengers of a higher realm, spiritual beings that connect with humans on earth when the human is ready to connect

How Automatic Writing Works with Angel Communications?

Angels assist with their energy to move our hand as we are writing down their thoughts
when receiving angel and spirit communications, at times people are limited in what they can receive, depending upon the condition of their soul.

For receiving information on spiritual laws and truths, the person receiving needs to be more highly developed in his or her soul nature of universalize. I see it like this, an angel is energy, of a fast vibration, that is essentially invisible to the human eye. Angels are however capable of slowing down this vibration to appear to either the naked human eye (rare) or the third "inner eye"

I am learning about all kinds of extrasensory perceptions and communications in the psychic and spiritual realms, Its a wonderous journey and I am enjoying every minute of it..Angel Therapies are a form of therapy that utilises extrasensory perceptions and sensory awareness to communicate with angels for self-help. Angel Therapy is proving more and more popular and is pioneered by Doreen Virtue.

What are the problems could be solved


1.Dealay in marriage and Marital problems
2. Childllessness and Problamatic children as their thoughts are controlled by by negative entities
3.Loss of property and poverty
4. Misunderstanding between the business partners
5. Financial problems created by partners and friends
6. Incurable Mental and Physical Disorders
7.punishment for unknown reason and depression
8. Unresolved Legal issues and failiures
9. Getting blamed for no reason and sudden unwanted changes
10. Problems arising beyond our knowledge and reasoning power

For example - A person may be honest and good in his business but cheated by partners and others and blamed for no reason at all. We cant simply say it is due to past life curse. It is the present life problem. Here the persons who creates problems should be controlled through Thought Process with the help of Divine Souls. We can get the remedy by contacting Angel guides , requesting them to control the enemies with their divine powers. With our deep prayers and the messages given by the Anjel guides the Mind purification is done and we see the changes in their attitudes. Also we get new ideas to solve the problems

Change of thought pattern and the mind change occurs by our Telepathic thoght tranference with clairvoyance. Here the opposite party is controlled by thought power and Telepathy. Telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person (sender) to another person (receiver) without using normal sensory channels. communication between humans and spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and passed over humans in order to transmit messages . Questions directly asked into the spirit realm are answered
The ability to communicate on another level than verbal and written - you communicate using only your mind. and Angel s power with prayers.Also the evil things done by others could be totally eradicated with the guidance of noble souls with the guidance by AUTOWRITING.

Here we solve the problems which could not be solved by using our Para psycic powers but with the help of sprit guides and their ansers and our deep prayers..



What are Akashik Records?The Akashic Records are protected by non physical light beings called the Lords of the Records. They determine who has access to the records and what information will be made available.The Lords of the Records download the information from your Records to the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones who act as the intermediary between the Akasha and your Akashic Record reader.

Do You Feel like You're Going Around in Circles?

The Akashic Records can help. Does this sound familiar:
You're an intelligent, aware, and spiritual person. You've read a lot of self help books, tried different avenues to improve your life, but you're not seeing the progress you would have liked.

For example - one or more of the scenarious below could be written about you. You may be someone who is:Having relationship or intimacy problems with your partner. Would like to be in a relationship but can't seem to attract a romantic partner.

Has addiction issues you can't let go of
Wondering what your life purpose is
Not making the progress you would like to in your career
Experiencing health problems
Have difficulty attracting abundance into your life
Having difficulty letting go an unhealthy relationship

Why aren't you making the progress you would like?

The reason is because the answers are at your soul level and aren't in your field of awareness. So even with the best of intentions, you still can't make the leap to resolving these issues.

This is where this type of psychic reading comes in and why they are so useful. This type of reading can help because they show you exactly what you need to know to move forward.The Records are at a completely different level than normal consciousness. When we connect with them we are given a great gift. We can begin to understand how our troubles began and what we need to do to resolve them.

How Can an Akashic Record Reading Help You?


The Records can help you in many ways. They work on an energetic level so you aren't simply getting answers to questions but you are also able to make profound shifts at cellular level.

This type of psychic reading can help you to:

1. Understand the cause of the problem in a relationship and how to improve communication
2. mMake your business more successful
3. Know what your life purposeis
4. Help you resolve health problems
5. Understand where you are stuck and how to move forward
6. Understand why you are feeling a certain way about something inyour life

7. Enables you to see the universal truths to what is really
going on with you and between you and others
8. Understand how your past lives relate to your present life
9. Shows you your true essence And much more

It's difficult to explain what an akashic record consultation is like if you've never experienced onefor yourself. Yes, you get answers to your questions but you get much more.

Are You Fed Up and Frustrated?


You May Need to Remove a Block From a Past Life

Akashic Records Readers Can Help. An Akashic Record reading allows you to see you are carrying around energy that is holding you back from a past life.At the start of each lifetime, your soul sets out to achieve certain lessons and goals. Sometimes, one lifetime is all it takes to incorporate the wisdom of a lesson into your consciousness.

But, sometimes lessons take more than one lifetime. If this happens, you may reach the end of your life and you have not mastered what your soul set out to do. When this occurs, your soul now has an energetic block or problem that needs to be cleared. When you reincarnate into your next physical body, this block is still present.

For example, you may have set up to learn the lesson of self-empowerment in a past lifetime. This could take many lifetimes, so if for whatever reason this lesson was not mastered, it is now with you in your present life. You may look at your family of origin and not even understand why you behave the way you do. Your brothers and sisters are all independent and successful but you are struggling with dependency issues.

The reason is because this issue began in another lifetime. Once you can understand the energetic blockages you are experiencing, you can begin to heal them. An Akashic Record consultation can show you all of this. Everything becomes much clearer when you can understand how this condition began in a past lifetime. Things start to make a lot of sense at a deep level. All of a sudden you understand why you struggle with the issues you do. Once you understand these things, you are then able to work at resolving them and letting them go.

If you don't evolve now, you will get an opportunity to learn the lesson for as many lifetimes as it takes. Once your soul learns the particular lesson, it is free to incorporate the wisdom into its consciousness and move on.



So far we have learnt that the Divine Masters, Healing Angels,and spirit guides helps us to cure our Incurable Mental and Physical problems and our heart breaking problems we are facing in this birth.

But here is a new dimension, A unbelievable new adventure...The omnipotent, the omnipresent, The great Divine
Godesses enters into the body of selected medium ..... and we feel HER presence, the eternal beauty , grace, Muthras , Auras, and great Divine miracles..... and the way SHE guides us with verbal and non verbal communication

This great miracle was done by Swami Dr Gopala krishna , as Master and Dr . Uma as a medium.You can view the pictures here permitted to publish after the research of 21 years. So far it was kept as very confidential for several reasons and not allowed to publish anywhere.



Here you can see the the medium [ DR Uma ] in a normal state before enering into the trance.Then you can see the deeper trance stages step by step. Her face changed to beautiful pink color and a sort of brightness in her face, and a light coming from her hand and palms are red and in pic ture 7 you can view in ONE PIC many reflections such as a lady standing, a fetus, a beautiful face etc! When you rotate the picture in different angles we see different images and it is really a mystery!



This web site is dedicated to Divine Healing. Yes, Divine Healing, but not in the way one might think. Although it is true that I am a natural divine healer that acts as a channel for God’s healing light, that is not the limit of healing this site is all about. This site is about so much more. Divine healing often comes through knowledge and understanding that can literally change, or effect change, in your life and heal you from the inner most deepest part of yourself. I am a testament to the fact that the truth can absolutely set you free. Free of pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, and even genetic disorders.

As a part of my path in this lifetime I of course offer healing to any and all who need my help. Along with that healing I often give whatever insight is given to me from my God-self, my higher-self and the mediator between my lesser self and my divine I AM presence.

I also do not claim this site as my own. This site belong to my God –self and I AM Presence, the ones that have much to say, to share, and to teach until the day all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

You may want to request a healing or a coaching session if you have physical, mental or emotional issues you would like to heal. Your religious background matters not, so do not feel that there is anything that would exclude you.



Extra Sensory Perception or ESP is the ability to get information in a paranormal manner. None of the physical sense that we are familiar with - smell, sight, hearing are involved. Since none of the 5 known senses are used, ESP is sometimes called a 6th sense. It is unexplained by science.

There are different types of ESP. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, precognition and mediumship are all examples as are out of body experiences and things such as medical intuition and aura reading.

Clairvoyance --is the ability to see things that aren’t really there. Some mediums are clairvoyant and can see your deceased loved ones clearly which helps them facilitate communication. Clairaudience is when you can hear things that are not there. Both clairvoyance and clairaudience are a means to receive “messages” from another realm. Sometimes ESP or clairvoyance manifests itself in a smell or scent, this is called Clairalience. Other times you might get a feeling about a spirit or even feel sick or ill with the same physical problem they had before they passed and this is called Clairsentience.

Sometimes spirits can even come through by giving you a taste impression (Clairgustance). Did you ever just know in your gut that something was right or wrong? Then you probably had a bit of Claircognizance which means “clear knowing“. While we often associate ESP with being able to read another’s thoughts, not all people who are clairvoyant can read someone else’s thoughts!

Telepathy is more in the realm of reading others thoughts and actually means to transfer information from one person to another without using one of the 4 senses. Originally called thought transference, the term telepathy was coined by famous researcher Fredric W. H. Myers in 1882. He, and others did extensive research in the 1930’s on telepathy using cards with symbols called Zener cards. There are two types of telepathy - latent telepaty and precognitive telepathy. Latent telepathy is when information is transferred after the fact. Precognitive telepathy is when someone gains information about the future.

Mediumship or channeling might also be considered a form of ESP. There are different types of medium ship but in Mental Mediumship, the channeler communicates with the spirits by telepathy and “translates” the information from the other world to ours. Sometimes the medium can hear, see or feel (or any combination thereof) messages from the spirits.



Spiritual healing is when energy is transmitted to the person who needs it. The treatment works on the body, mind and spirit, which are seen as one unit that must harmonize for good health. If a separate healer is involved, the healer will place the hand on the person being treated to channel the energy from the Higher Source.

The spiritual healing can help mental and emotional problems and physical

conditions such as a frozen shoulder.

What is spiritual healing?

The channeling of healing energy from its spiritual source to someone who needs it is called spiritual healing. The channel is usuallya person, whom we call a healer, and the healing energy is usually transferred to the patient through the healer's hands.

The healing does not come from the healer, but through him. The word "spiritual" refers to the divine nature of the energy, which healers agree comes from one external, invisible intelligent source.Healers see the body mind and spirit as one interdependent unit and believe all three must work in harmony to maintain positive health. Any problem - be it a broken leg or depression needs the power of healing to restore the balance of the whole person. It is felt that sickness often starts in the mind, or at the deeper level of the spirit, and it is often here that healing begins.

The objective of Spiritual Healing, an innovative curative that stimulates your vital energy to enrich your natural healing capacity, is to work with invisible spiritual power and energy. As we say "all illness comes from the mind," many of our illness or diseases come from mental reasons or problems of the soul.

There are many reasons of illness including incomplete living environment or mental stress, but as a matter of fact, spiritual elements can be one of them. We must admit that there are much more factors that lay in the unconscious level that we normally do not sense, and if one of these are the cause of your illness, you need a professional and specialized curative.

The effect of Spiritual Healing can be realized in healing diseases. The method of remote healing for those who want to cure their diseases or enhance their abilities. Illness of the following kind can be cured.

Stage fright, Erythromania
Insomnia, Disorder of sleep
Panic disorder
Mental disorder
Meniere disease
Emotional Breakdown
Climacteric disorder
Autonomic imbalance
Anxiety disorder
Integration disorder syndrome

Remote healing is a cutting edge method to make people relax, enhancing your natural healing capacity by affecting vital energy.
Please try this method and recognize the actual effect yourself.This spiritual cause is expressed as "waves", "aura", or "qi".
When this vital energy is weakened, we must find out what the problem is as soon as possible.

In Japan, it is not taken as a mainstream remedy yet, whereas in England it is covered by insurance and there are even exclusive healers employed for the members of the royal family. This shows that it is broadly recognized as an effective solution.Spiritual Healing holds a long history, and it is one of the most up-to-date method of curing the mind and body as a whole.

The effect of Spiritual Healing can be realized in healing anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder can be cured by spiritual healing, too. Recently there are many people who are suffering from anxiety disorder, and it is becoming a serious problem in our society. This indicates that spiritual relaxation at the level of our soul is required.

Spiritual Healing for anxiety disorder


Anxiety disorder refers to all mental disorders that bring about anxiety.
There are also physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitation, fast pulse, chest ache, headache, and diarrhea.
It is obvious that there are nobody who never feels anxiety in their life.
If you are in a healthy condition, anxiety can be put up with by talking to people around. However if you have anxiety disorder, you may take things too serious or be concerned too much being heavily anxious which is a situation that is very difficult to overcome.

Causes of this anxiety disorder are said to be genetic, environmental, or stress-oriented factors, but there are cases in which spiritual elements are involved. There are much more cases where invisible spiritual factors are causing this illness than what are visible. If you have a disease that is caused of these invisible factors, you must take specialized spiritual healing instead being checked at a normal hospital. Spiritual healing affects spiritual vital energy which exists but is invisible and enhances our natural healing ability that we all originally have. Thus we can become truly relaxed both mentally and physically

Spiritual Healing for panic disorder


Panic disorder is a disease that can cause panic attack even when no special incident has occurred. This symptom is frequently seen when one is present in packed trains, movie theaters, or tiny rooms.The term "panic disorder" is now becoming well-known in public and the society is taking more and more care of it. Nowadays this disease is not too rare, and can be found in approximately one out of 1000 people.

When you are suffering from panic disorder, you will experience symptoms such as palpitation, dizziness, breathlessness, hyperpnea, sweating, shivering, numbness, sickness, etc. And you will be worried that you might have another attack even when you are fine.

Causes of panic disorder is said to have a relationship with accumulation of mental stress, but there are cases in which spiritual elements are involved. Spiritual healing works with these causes of panic disorder that exists in areas where we don't usually recognize. Why don't you try spiritual remote healing in order to take good care of your body and soul

Spiritual Healing for insomnia and disorder of sleep


Typical symptoms of insomnia; One cannot sleep at night with ease, one feels stress or uneasiness due to lack of sleep. Insomnia is a kind of disorder of sleep, an there are also 3 others which are; disorder of excessive somnolence, disorder of the sleep-wake rhythm, and parasomnia. There are many cases in which people who are suffering from insomnia also have symptoms of headaches, shoulder aches, climacteric disorder or autonomic imbalance. Moreover, if insomnia is caused of neurosis, taking drugs that prevent headaches or shoulder aches will not be an essential solution. There is a possibility that it may worsen your condition.

Insomnia can be caused by a disease such as depression, or caused by side effects of drugs or neurosis. Both of them can be cured by remote healing, attacking the cause of disease that are unconscious. Spiritual healing that has been developed with a long-time history, is a method to cure your soul and body at the same time.

Spiritual Healing for Stage fright and Erythromania


When people have stage fright, they get excessively nervous when they stand up in front of a crowd.
When they try to make a presentation or speech in front of a considerable number o people, they get nervous and fail to speak smoothly or tend to act awkward. Among these symptoms, the most frequently observed is erythromania. It makes one's face, cheeks, ear lobes red when they stand in front of numerous people. This symptom can be seen only for people who are not good a communication, but also for those who are proactive. It is due to the fact that he or she feels uncomfortable communicating with people deep inside, even if they can communicate without any problem superficially.

The following symptoms are typical to erythromania:

One gets excessively nervous when speaking out in public.
One is anxious about what people think of himself/herself
One gets worried that people may have strange impressions to his/her way of speaking and actions.
We recommend spiritual healing for this type of people since symptoms of erythromania can negatively affect work & daily life.

Spiritual Healing for hyperphagia


Hyperphagia is also called "bulimia nervosa". It refers to a eating disorder and compensatory acts that follow. These compensatory acts can be; vomiting, heavy use of cathartics diuretics, excessive exercise, and apastia. When the situation is serious, people even commit suicide as a result of self-abhorrence. Hyperphagia is heavily related to being on severe diets. That is why many young girls who are conscious about their body habitus and weight are having hyperphagia. Female college students are especially said to have a high rate of risk, and approximately 2% of them are suffering from hyperphagia. Moreover, one must be careful because there is a possibility of having complications that can be crucial to maintaining your life.

There are many elements such as stress and environment that may cause these diseases and spiritual causes could be counted as one of them. Spiritual power is often called "waves", "aura", or "qi", and this is something that everybody has inside. When this power is weakened, there is no hope of curing your disease. Spiritual healing can affect this vital energy and enhance natural healing ability. This is an cutting-edge method of healing the body and soul as a whole

Spiritual Healing for mental disorder


Mental disorder is often caused by disorders of the brain or heart. It includes serious diseases such as integration disorder syndrome or bipolar disorder and lighter symptoms such as panic disorder and adjustment disorder. Causes of mental disorder can be certain conditions of the soul such as mental stress. However, there are cases in which causes lay in the subconscious area where we normally do not sense. Bad body conditions and diseases are in many cases caused by the imbalance of the spirit or soul. Even when you seem to be satisfied with your life, there are cases in which you are mentally instable, pushing down ythe level of natural healing ability.

Spiritual healing affects spiritual power and vital energy to realize and maintain a beautiful balance of the body and soul. As a result, you will be able to have the best condition in order to live a good life. Spiritual healing is a cutting-edge remedy with a long history but hasn't been recognized broadly in society.

Why don't you try to face your disease by working with your soul?

The effect of Spiritual Healing can be realized in healing Meniere disease. Meniere disease also can be cured by spiritual healing.
Spiritual healing is a healing method that aims to balance your invisible vital energy and enhance your natural healing ability that human beings originally have. There are cases in which diseases or illnesses are caused of reasons that we cannot actually sense such as mental or spiritual problems.

Spiritual Healing for meniere disease


Meniere disease is a disorder seen in the inner ear. People often experience repeating symptoms such as dizziness much like the one that is caused from spinning, difficulty in hearing, buzzing, feeling of fullness in the ear,etc. There are people who experience these symptoms frequently, and those who don't. It is said that there are more females who suffer from meniere disease. Normally women in their latter 30's or the early 40's are apt to develop this disease. It is also said that those who are well-organized, sensitive, and tend to have symptoms such as mental or physical stress, lack of sleep, allergy, inadequate blood flow, virus, immune compromise, etc. are more vulnerable to this disease. However, the cause itself is not clearly known.One of these causes can have a relation with spiritual energy that we normally do not sense or think of. Though meniere disease does not threaten your life, you may want to consider having spiritual healing as a specified remedy.

Spiritual healing can offer positive effects on emotional breakdowns, too. Spiritual healing effects invisible spiritual power and vital energy and enhances our natural healing ability that we originally have.

Spiritual Healing for emotional breakdowns


Since emotional breakdown is a type of neurosis, sometimes it is mistaken to be a psychiatric disease. However, it is clearly not.
The correct meaning of emotional breakdown is not widely recognized, and all types of neurosis tend to be taken as emotional breakdown. Emotional breakdown makes people excessively sensitive. One becomes too concerned about a single act and eventually gets ill. Emotional breakdown is a relatively light disease compared to integration disorder syndrome and bipolar disorder which are said to be the two most serious neuroses. However, there is a possibility that it can lead to these situations if one's stress becomes greater and greater.

It is said that the cause of emotional breakdown is mainly brought about by a stressful environment. But the cause is not only the environment. It has to do with spiritual energy that lies under the conscious. Weakened vital energy requires a specialized remedy. Negative conditions like emotional breakdowns can teach us how we should live our lives again. Please take spiritual healing to cure your disease and also enhance

The effect of Spiritual Healing can be realized in healing climacteric disorder.Spiritualhealing can be effective for climacteric disorder, too. Let's realize a comfortable condition of the body and soul by affecting our vital energy and thus enhancing our natural healing ability through spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing for climacteric disorder


Climacteric disorder is a symptom that resembles that of autonomic ataxia. It involves fast pulse, palpitation, instability of blood pressure, backache, slight fever, hot-flash, sweating, headache, dizziness, buzzing, stiff shoulder, lack of sleep, fatigue, thirst, breathlessness, diarrhea, constipation, stomachache, numbness, sensory sensitivity, joint ache, muscle ache, etc. As for mental symptoms, there is emotional disturbance, sense of anxiety, distraction, dysphoria, etc. Men in their latter 40's and women around the period of menopause tend to start experiencing climacteric disorder. Men rarely suffer from this illness compared to women, but this is just because it does not clearly appear as much as women. Sometimes men do experience severe symptoms, too.

There are many causes for climacteric disorder, and a spiritual factor is one of them. Spiritual healing should be able to lead your life to the best condition by filling your body up with soul energy.
Negative conditions can offer us clues to make our lives better.
Please come and try spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing for autonomic imbalance


This is caused when the balance between the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve is lost by a certain reason.Symptoms of this illness includes, dizziness when standing up, lightheadedness, fast pulse without being tensed, cold sweat, shivering, instable blood pressure, buzzing, sickness, headache, slight fever, overbreathing, menstrual disorder. It can also provoke mental symptoms such as distrustfulness, emotional disturbance, sense of anxiety, distraction, and dysphoria. The cause of these symptoms are said to be factors such as excitation of autonomic nerves, fatigue of the brain, stress, and imbalance of hormone. However, it can also be brought about by spiritual factors.

Please try spiritual healing to make yourself truly healthy and comfortable by relaxing your body and mind at the level of your soul.
When your spiritual vital energy such "waves", "aura", "qi" are weakened, you must take a specialized remedy.
Though spiritual healing is not widely known, it is an effective method with a long history.

Spiritual Healing for depression


Depression is a certain type of disordered mood, and it involves symptoms such as dysphoria, feeling of emptiness, sadness, sense of anxiety, impatience, etc. As for physical symptoms there are headaches, insomnia, acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, stomach ulceration, eating disorder, etc. Since egoistic acts tend to increase, human relationships can become more and more difficult which may worsen the illness and keep you trapped in such negative spiral. Even if you are suffering from a depressed conditon, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are in a depression. A depressed condition can be a symptom of various other diseases, too. Causes of depression can be both biological and psychological, but there are spiritual factors too.

The content of things that exist out of our consciousness is considerable. Causes of illness are mainly hidden where we cannot sense ourselves. In these cases, a specialized remedy is necessary. The objective of spiritual healing is to keep the best harmony among the mind, the body, and the soul. This is a method that we would like you to select if you wish to enhance your ability as much as cure your illness.

Spiritual Healing for anxiety disorder


Anxiety disorder refers to all mental disorders that bring about anxiety.
There are also physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitation, fast pulse, chest ache, headache, and diarrhea.
It is obvious that there are nobody who never feels anxiety in their life.
If you are in a healthy condition, anxiety can be put up with by talking to people around. However if you have anxiety disorder, you may take things too serious or be concerned too much being heavily anxious which is a situation that is very difficult to overcome.
Causes of this anxiety disorder are said to be genetic, environmental, or stress-oriented factors, but there are cases in which spiritual elements are involved.

There are much more cases where invisible spiritual factors are causing this illness than what are visible. If you have a disease that is caused of these invisible factors, you must take specialized spiritual healing instead being checked at a normal hospital. Spiritual healing affects spiritual vital energy which exists but is invisible and enhances our natural healing ability that we all originally have. Thus we can become truly relaxed both mentally and physically.

Spiritual Healing for Integration dis order syndrome


This is a type of mental disorder and typical syndromes include delusions and reveries which may make you confused about what is reality and what is not.You may see things that actually do not exist, or believe things that are not true.Sometimes your ability to think and to see through reality could be weakened, and logic of communication will be ambiguous.

Symptoms of integration disorder syndrome frequently start at an early stage of life, concretely from the latter half of teens to the beginning of 30's. There is no difference between men and women, and it is said that this syndrome is not so rare, catching approximately 1% of the whole population. It used to be described as mental breakup syndrome. It is said that this is caused by organic disorder of the brain, but the truth is yet to be discovered. It may be because the cause itself is hidden under our consciousness.

We can say that there is a possibility that spiritual factors can be the cause of integration disorder syndrome. There are many cases in which the cause of illness is hidden in this area where we cannot sense ourselves. In Great Britain, spiritual healing is broadly accepted as a remedy to cure these types of illness, and it is adopted in the royal family too. Please try spiritual healing that has a long significant history.

Spiritual Healing for cancer


Cancer can threaten your life by breaking into anatomies, being displaced, or growing. It can appear in organs such as the stomach, lungs, and breasts caused by genetic mutation evolution. There are quite a few people who pass away because of cancer.

Though there are many causes of stomach cancer, lung cancer, or breast cancer, it may be caused by spiritual factors too. Illness can be brought about by mental issues that lay in the level of the soul. If our spiritual vital energy that we originally have is weakened, there is no way to cure the disease. Please try spiritual healing which works with your vital energy enhancing your natural healing ability. You may also be able to enhance your abilities by experiencing this process.



I am Dr Vethamalika , a third generation healer and intuitive. I believe in light and love. In addition to my healing and intuitive abilities, my psychic gifts include clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling).  When someone comes to me for a energy healing or intuitive psychic session, I look deep inside to reveal what the soul is asking for. These steps toward enlightenment are the genesis of healing.  My goal is to help you to clear the way and illuminate your path for you to fulfill your wishes and dreams. You can change your life now and find the love, success and happiness you desire!


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Healing Sessions



A healing is a pleasant and peaceful experience.  We start off the session with an intuitive psychic reading followed by channelled energy healing.  The process I use is called the laying-on of hands or spiritual healing.  I am a channel for healing energy.  Together we connect to the light healing force of love.  Although this sounds mysterious or religious, it is neither.

It is a very straightforward process that involves the cleansing, rebalancing, and recalibrating of your energy field.  All humans have an energy field or aura that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. A balanced energy field correlates to a person who is healthy... physically, emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately, healing is connecting to yourself... your spirit's or soul's purpose.

Joining and participating with us on every healing are the angelic forces of light and love, healing and protection; ancient Native American spirit healers; your ancestors and passed-on family who choose to help guide us in your healing.  In addition, I use many ancient world and inter-dimensional energy healing techniques and modalities including energetic calibration, powerful and sacred rocks,crystals, touch, sound, aroma and music.

Intuitive Psychic Readings and Life Guidance


Discussion and intuited life guidance for issues such as self, family, love, relationships, career, business decisions and strategy, finances, creativity, daily living, your path, and spirituality. Sessions include intuited, psychic and channelled information with spirit guide and angelic guidance.

 May include channelled information and spirit guidance from Mother Mira, Swami Gopalakrishna, Dr Wooloo,and  Dr  Naren   Together we will search for answers!



Space Clearings: Homes - Buildings - Businesses


Heal your spaces with an extreme energy makeover! Your spaces may be holding negative energy and be limiting your happiness and prosperity!  Feeling strange or odd vibes in your spaces? Is there stress, pain or fear held over from prior inhabitants or even you? Need help analyzing or selecting the best energy home, office or investment? Selling your house? Re-energize your spaces for wellbeing and success! Aiden will clear the space, remove energy blocks, create flow and find solutions for a harmonious, peaceful, prosperous and happy home or office... and life in it! Blessing cermonies avaliable for homes and businesses as well.  


Healing and Intuitive sessions are profound - taking you to the next steps of your life’s journey and purpose. You may leave with many answers and hopefully new questions. Sessions are avaliable in-person and remotely via telephone and skype.

Free yourself from negative life history and bring yourself closer to your soul's purpose and life intention. Reconnect to your spirit.  Join me for a most beautiful and life enhancing experience.. For video testimonials from clients about my work please visit the Testimonials page.




I look forward to your healing and for you to make all your dreams come true!


With love,

Dr  Vethamalika         



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