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 Past Life Therapy is a process of self-discovery, enlightenment, and spiritual healing.It`s becoming conscious of what ails a person by revealing and resolving unresolved, present- and past-life experiences affecting one`s health and quality of life.It`s accessing the past-life, survival-based root of current issues, which conventional therapies cannot provide, with a self-guided, efficient method for resolving unconscious patterns contributing to emotional, physical, and behavioral challenges.

Past life exploration!
Why do some places and people seem familiar to you?
Who were you?
What do you know?
Improve your memory and find out!

Past Life Therapy provides a client access to fully knowing who they are, what drives them internally, and what they are unconsciously searching to complete and understand about themselves or others.This happens while also resurfacing and resolving the source of present-life ailments.
Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. The system of Past Life Therapy (PLT) or Past Life Regression (PLR) necessarily entails a belief in the theory of reincarnation. The therapy works on the premise that the cause of a patient's physical and/or psychological ailments might result from a trauma that a patient had experienced in an earlier existence, or at any rate, by some sort of personal ordeal buried deep within the subconscious. This program will help to lift the psychic amnesia of your past which has limited your true potential.

Dr.John  says, I  do know some of my past two life times, due to a spirit guide communication. She came to me in my hour of need due to a prayer to God. She gave me her memories since she was there, so her memories would be of the same. We were best friends in the first, as I died first, and I came to her aid to comfort her like she does to me. And I was a leader in the second past life in a all day long battle, I was one of a few who survived as I at that time seen her floating by my side like I see her now...guiding and protecting me.

Personally, I think we get past life memories very often, we just usually ignore them and brush them away. Sometimes they can come from flashes of memory which seem like our imaginations doodling off again. Sometimes they are just feelings, like you might get anxious all of a sudden for no apparent reason. Clues are all around us, its just a matter of paying attention. Past life regression would also be a good idea if you really want to know the whole story

Past Life/ Past Lives Therapy (PLT) utilizing clinical hypnotherapy allows unconscious experiences from past life traumas or emotionally charged events to become fully conscious. Past Life Therapy aims to resolve any unconscious, survival-before  this birth...What goes around comes around.This is not punishment, it simply is a learning experience. It is believed that life is one big karmic classroom and we reincarnate lifetime after lifetime the way a student enrolls in school year after school .

Dr. Brian Weiss is a leader in past life regression. Dr Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who by experience discovered the techniques of past life healing therapy. Dr. Brian Weiss has authored several books on pastlife regression therapy which are the best and recommended for a person interested to learn and experience past life regression. Dr. Brain Weiss narrated in detail his experiences and work on pastlife regression therapy in following books: Many Lives Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love is Real, Messages from the Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies.

Dr. Brain Weiss is flooded with the requests of pastlife regression sessions, training workshops on pastlife regression therapy, emails and other invitations. . Clients in India look for a therapist directly trained by Dr. Brian Weiss. In his book Through Time Into Healing” Dr. Brian Weiss describes a number of cases with a variety of problems treated with pastlife regression therapy.



    The past is still present. It makes itself known and felt through blocks that can interfere with your present day physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being. For just as people carry the pain they suffered earlier in their current life to their later years, people carry unresolved pain with them from one life to another.

Past life Therapy invented by Dr Brain, Miami University is really helpful in solving past life problems.In his book " MANY MASTERS MANY LIVES" he says Many people alive today are so deeply blocked by problems from their past lives that they are unable to tap into all their talents, skills, and abilities.
A past life "memory" is revealed, where the phobia is "explained and is released forever.Past life blockages keep us from claiming the abundance of love, money, and good marital life.If your problem does come from the past... it can be remarkably resistant to present life cures. This is because life is trying to get you to remember what you need to know now by facing the wounds of one or more of your past lives.

Many people alive today are so deeply blocked by problems from their past lives that they are unable to tap into all their talents, skills, and abilities

"Before the sun, the moon, the earth,
Before the stars or comets free,
Before e'en time had had its birth
I was, I am and I will be.!"
—Swami Vivekananda

Writes Williston: "Experiencing... past life regression is an important step in restoring faith in the existence of the soul... Thus past life therapy acts directly to alleviate feelings of helplessness, alienation or loneliness."

Though regressing to past lives cannot be proved, the experience does seem to give you a glimpse of your higher self which experiences everything objectively—while pains, fears and guilt lose all meaning. You experience life in all its variety and partake in the grand celebration of existence. Detached from transient identities of lifetimes after lifetimes, you watch yourself laugh and cry, exult and cringe, while something silent, eternal and timeless in you reaches out to clasp your wandering soul.

With each step back, time begins to melt in liquid drops through your regressing mind. Ripples of moments spread upon the pool of your memories, as you recognize the still center of the cosmic dance that was always there in you. Free at last, you prepare to break the shackles of nescience, so that, in the words of John Donne, one short sleep past, you wake up eternally, and death shall be no more.

  Unresolved past experiences (UPE) are recreated at varying stages in your life as your current reality, regardless if you pursue Past Life Therapy.These UPE are unconsciously repeated until they are resolved and finished in a way your authentic self/soul/mind desires it should have happened or never happened.The mind longs to reframe or correct any detrimental outcomes containing the damaging dialogue recorded during shocking/unconscious events.These UPE continually direct you to attract or re-experience past traumas/events in a similar form until they are resolved.Past Life Therapy is for those who want to expedite the healing process rather than attract perpetual victimization.  

Though you might have painful memories that surface during a PLT session, resolving these issues will encourage well-being and feeling better.Past Life Therapy can be very intense, emotional, and possibly upsetting or exhausting since our mind is directed to unresolved, traumatic incidents.However, an experienced therapist can guide you through these experiences safely and effectively until resolved.It is these key experiences, and its brainwashing dialogue, that unconsciously directs you to remain as victim and/or victimizer.  

PLT can enable you to end this cycle.You will have to decide if confronting sensitive parts of your past in a controlled, supportive environment is more frightening than the possibility of many lifetimes of victimization.Furthermore, if you have any anxieties about participating in Past Life Therapy this could be one of the strongest indications you need it. PLT will reveal the unconscious source of your fears and unresolved issues.Note: Fear and calmness can`t co-exist in a session.Anxiety or discomfort is re-directed or isolated to the body in order to access the unresolved experience holding fear in place.



 Every cell in our bodies has a complete memory of all our previous lives- cell memory.Cell memory is based on the idea that what happens in our lives; each cell "records " it. Each cell reacts directly to the information it receives from the subconscious mind. Our spirit minds remember every movement of our previous lives.The instant our spirit minds enter our physical bodies, they influence the cells of our bodies with all the information and memories they possess.Our cells react literally to these memories, from this and all previous lives

When we access these "Cell memories  , we are liberated from whatever was troubling us: Illness, phobias, pains, and traumas.In Hypnosis Past life phobias are cured easily.A past life "memory" is revealed, where the phobia is"explained  and is released forever.  

Emotional memories that are stored in cells of the organs can eventually cause degenerative disease pattern.Even though each and every organs in our body regenerates every few week, the memory of the emotion keep being transferred to the new cell before a disease cell .

 What is the unconscious mind?What unconscious experiences from my past

could be influencing my current situation?

 The unconscious mind is an objective tape recorder or command center, which motivates and defines the way you live your life.PLT resolves negative or harmful recordings; it does not change or erase the tape/memory.It affects how you respond and behave once the unconscious dialogue and commands held in place become conscious.By releasing and reframing any unresolved experiences of the past containing confusing and damaging programming, you are free of its affects.

The unconscious indiscriminately records every event, word/action, or non-spoken action, which it then translates into commands 24-hours a day. Even a person s silence has energy the mind interprets as instructions, which often reinforces unresolved victim/victimizer scripts

The unconscious mind is especially vulnerable during drug-induced unconscious states; i.e., surgeries, shock following an accident, traumas, drug overdoses, comas, etc. Furthermore, birth and prenatal traumas such as arguments between parents, mother s internal thoughts at conception and throughout her pregnancy, or any attempted abortions, affects your current behaviors and quality of life.


What is karma? How can Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis resolve karma?

 The word karma means actions and energy. It is the law of attraction. Energy can be re-directed or transferred, but not created or destroyed. Hence, your karmic, unconscious energy can shift to repel harmful, unpleasant energy or transform and consistently attract healthy, balanced energy.Karma mirrors a person s current state of mind.A person s karmic energy attracts similar energy or situations.Karma is neither good nor bad.It `just is  or  what presents itself. It is what your unconscious mind is dictating you need to experience.Karmicremovalandkarmic healingisapartof Past Life Therapy

Swamivivkanandasays, ""The law that deprives us of the memory of the past lives is a law of the cosmic wisdom and serves, not disserves, its evolutionary purpose... A clear and detailed memory of the past lives, hatred, rancor, attachments, connections would be a stupendous inconvenience; for it would bind the reborn being to a useless repetition or a compulsory continuation of his surface past and stand in the way of his bringing out new possibilities from the depths of the spirit."


 Depression, mental tiredness, unreasonable/ unknown fears, inferiority complex, guilt feelings, suicidal thoughts,lack of self confidence, frustration towards life, anxiety , tension, hearing threatiningvoices , unexisting figures, dislikable scenes seen before the eyes, disinterest in work / studies, recurring thoughts, obsessive compulsory disordes[ like washing hands taking bath several times ] , bakwardness in education,difference in husband wife relationship.suspicions, stress relatedproblems, hysteria.violent actions.sadistic behaviour,drunkardness, Amnesia, drug addiction, nightmares, over sexual desires, sleepwalking, despiration, low self esteem, obsessive unpleasant thoughts, all types of phobias, self doubt, first stage of Scizophrenia, hallucinations and delusions, confusions ,day dreaming, chain smoking, expecially womb stage disorders and pre birth phobias . Disorders not cured any medicines are called as Karmic Disorders which could be cured by PLT.


   The autonomous nervous syetem works under the control of subconcious mind. Hence when the mind gets affected body also gets affected. Since the suffering is in mind, theroot ofthe disease in the sub conciousmind , no drugs cure them unless the subconcious mind gets treated.

Diabetese, stammering, digestive disorders, migrane, paralysis, Eczema , allergies, frigidity. Impotence and all kind of sexual disorders , insomnia , ulcers , Artheritis, asthma , nervous disorders, bedwetting, high B P , skin disorders, manstrualdisorders, Temporary blindness and eye disorders, Obesity, thyroidproblems, hormone imbalance ,over tiredness are some of the psycho somatic disorders cured by PLT



 A 3 year old child is able to explain the basic of classical Ragas. A 4 year old boy could solve any mathemetical problems. Where the knowledge came from of course not fromparents.The knowledge would have been acquired from pre births. We carry the knowledge, talents also fears from our prebirths. Also we carry the memories of our love which were unfulfilled in last birth and we are blessed to meet the soulmates of our previous lives as destined by Almighty. Someplaces,some persons we meet may be familiar to us in this birth which is due to our past life experiences.


 Lakshmi came to me presenting symptoms of severe migraine headaches. During a history intake she informed me that since her baby had been born, three months earlier, she had been getting 17 migraines a week. When asked, when she first remembered getting the first maigarine in this life, she recounted it happening at the onset of her first menstruation.Lakshmi  told me that  she had been to many doctors, especially neurologists, to seek their help. They found nothing organically wrong with her and only offered pain killers.

After the hypnotic induction she went into a past life time, She saw herself living in a small house in the country, on a farm. When I asked to look back over the first 10 years of her life to see if anything significant happened, she contracted, and started crying. She said her father had raped her after her mother passed away. She was 13-years old. She became pregnant, and felt ashamed. She stayed at home most of the time doing chores and dissociating to cope.
She was told that the rape, pregnancy, and death were all tied together. The head trauma at death resulted as she carried the trauma of conception. This explained why she presented with headaches both at menstruation and after child birth. The body`s cellular memory was triggered by her connection to age and the conception of her baby. Conception and head trauma once again revisited. Her problem was cured, erasing the memory from cells and subconcious mind and doctors are amazed that she no longer suffers from migraine headaches.
Ravi 30 years man always felt  thunger and overweight was his problem and medicines could not help him. When I regressed he said once he suffered for food as he was poor in pre birth. The sub conscious minds to read this “hunger thought " in cells which is reflected in this birth. As the subconscious counseling was given he had overcome the problem

Meenakshi ,a young 21 years girl was suffering with OCD-Obsessive compulsory disorder. She was washing her hands several times and taking bath for atleast 12 hours. When Iregressed, she said she murdered a person who attempted to rape her and she was scared of the blood. So when the memory torturesher she was washing her slf to get rid of the blood smell and fear. After several sessions she became normal
To conclude the past pleasant and unpleasant memories stored in the cells decides our pattern of behaviour in this birth,

 Karma is your pre-disposition and is one of the primary influences which decides whether you will have money, relationship etc. A person s karmic energy attracts similar energy or situations. The  good  deeds  we  do in  this  birth  solves  many  of  our  past life  karmic problems.

So "feel your past lives" or "heal them"... as always, the choice is YOURS!!!



 The fetus can recall the events even before the development of its body and the brain because they are recorded in the consciousness of the soul (the subconscious mind).  The consciousness of the soul records all the experiences of the fetus whilst in the mother’s womb.  The fetus also feels and records all the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of the mother as its own.  In addition to this, the fetus also perceives the external environment

 Many of our personality traits and physical and emotional problems can be traced to experiences that we had while in the mother’s womb and also during the process of giving birth.  Many emotional and physical problems, such as feelings of loss, alienation, rejection, loneliness, grief, relationship problems, separation anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia, paranoia, asthma, headaches, and sinus problems, can be traced back to the traumas surrounding birth.  Birth trauma need not be only of this life. 

In  mother s  womb  the fetus can see, hear, experience, taste, learn and feel while in the mother’s womb.   The fetus not only feels but also responds to the mother's thoughts, to her feelings, and to music.The unborn also has differential responses to  soft  and  rocks  music.  An unborn child grows emotionally agitated (as measured by the quickening of his heartbeat) each time his mother thinks of her  husband  beating  her. Also The mother's emotional states of ambivalence, acceptance of responsibility, or anxiety apparently influenced the health of the fetus and the newborn.”
Now  the  parents can now communicate with their babies even before they are born and welcome them with messages of love.   They can provide the spiritual education while their babies are still in the womb and also can continue to educate the babies about the spiritual reality, even after the birth, - Example -In  Mahabarath Abimanu and  Chakra Vuga and  Prahalatha and Narathas  chaunting  manthras.
Both of them had received spiritual education while they were still in their mothers’ wombs. So  it  is  from  ancient  history  continues till  today

A woman once came to us with a complaint of Nervousness.  This  attacks  had started immediately after she conceived her first child.  Before she came to us, she had tried all types of treatments but to no avail.  When she was regressed to the mother’s womb state, she relived the state and was able to tap the feelings of her mother at that time.  Her mother wanted to abort the fetus.  These thoughts were perceived by the fetus and created an emotional block, which resulted in the tension  and  nervousness   After the session, her nervousness  was  totally  cured. Using past-life-regression, we are able to help the individual to recall, relive, release, and resolve the prenatal and birth traumas which are the root causes of his or her emotional, physical, and personality problems  cured  once  for  all. This  is  the  blessing  of  Past  life  Therapy.


Progression - Present & Future Lives

 As a Therapist, I can assist you to see various possible futures through Future Life Progression (FLP) under
hypnosis, enabling you to make the best decisions for your health, lifestyle, relationships and prosperity.

Imagine being able to peep into the future and know whom you are married to, where you would live and also the best career or job for you. Along with gaining this kind of knowledge, it is also possible to bring into the present, the skills and the wisdom that you would acquire in the future.

Future Life Progression, as the name suggests, is going into your potential futures, as opposed to past life Regression. You have been using various future prediction tools like astrology, palmistry, tarot card reading, nadi jyotish, crystal ball or any form of fortune tellers. The future predictions in these cases come from outside sources, who translate the readings based on their perspective, impression and experience. Whereas, a Future Life Progression allows you to experience your future possibilities first hand, as a result make it more real and even make the future come much sooner.

As amazing as it may sound, Future Life Progression as a guidance and empowerment tool, has been under-utilized so far.

According to Anne Jirsch, author of the book "The Future is Yours", the benefits of Future Life Progression are


    You can use FLP to improve every area of your life.
    You can use FLP to find 'the one' - your soul mate.
    You can discover your inner genius to write that novel, play, song or script.
    You can use FLP techniques to make sparkling decisions at work.

You can look ahead at economic trends to help you to benefit from your investments, identify property 'hot spots' and avoid investing in markets or products that will become obsolete.

You can examine your past, present and future to find any reoccurring issues or problems that have plagued you throughout time and enable you to clear them immediately. You can connect with your soul and realize just how wonderful you truly are as you find your own true essence, your soul's purpose.

You can look at yourself in your next lifetime to find out how you evolve. You will even be able to talk to your future self and tap into your future wisdom. If you wish, you could even glimpse the future of humankind.

 Future progression is going forward in time, and experiencing the future events. It is only the probable future we see during this progression.  We become aware of whatever blue print or life design we carry from inter-life states during this process.  Future progression gives a direction, clarity of mind and even some healing. We are creators of our own reality and we can always shape or re-frame or re-program or re-design our own lives.



    Reincarnation is the repeated cycle of incarnation or rebirth and a new physical body.
    Incarnation is the present life in your present body.

Reason for reincarnation

 Reincarnation is the cycle of death and rebirth after a while in spiritual spheres into a new physical body. Such a rebirth is called reincarnation. The soul - the true self - remains the same, while the "vehicle" of the soul to make the needed learning experience changes.

Death means nothing else but the loss of ONE vehicle the soul was using during its many reincarnations in a physical body. Incarnation in a physical body is needed to go through certain spiritual lessons a soul may need on a particular planet. Reincarnations are controlled by the law of Karma. The family, time, place, social society and culture where a reincarnation takes place is decided by the individual Karma of a soul.

It finally is a free choice of that soul because it may be necessary to become a free soul. However sometimes reincarnation is dependant on desires, fears and attachment only and rebirth or reincarnation takes places in accordance with these factors as a result of spiritual ignorance. Most of the time a reincarnation is caused by ignorance of spiritual truth and by Karma. All lessons to be learned could also be learned much easier and in a more loving atmosphere in spiritual universes. There are but a few lessons, like conducting war, abuse of might, violence of any kind including mental violence by thoughts that may require a physical incarnation because here on the physical plane the damage is relative to the physical plane and least compared to a possible damage in astral or causal spheres.

When death occurs, the soul - also called Atman - including all other bodies of lights, i.e. astral body, causal body is leaving the physical body and withdraws all connection to it. A human without physical body has the same consciousness and awareness as before in his physical body. In fact the consciousness normally is clearer and the perception of his surrounding is more accurate with the use of all metaphysical senses than in is previous physical body.

End of an incarnation by death

Death is the result of all Karma or attachment being expired. This desirable condition frees the soul to continue spiritual growth on a higher dimension of the Divine creation or even allows the soul to return to God.

The identification with his physical body leading to fear of death as most humans on this planet have, is caused only by spiritual ignorance in some cultures. The truth is that any human being and of course animals and plants have a consciousness that is free of the physical body. The consciousness is using the physical senses while being in a physical body, is using the sense organs of the astral body while being in the astral world and is using his causal senses while being in the causal worlds.Continuity of consciousness exisys  during the entire cycle of reincarnation

Higher level of manifestation in God's Divine creation. An incarnation may be ended by either dematerializing his physical body or dropping his physical body at will during Maha Samadhi, or by losing his physical body during death as it happens for the majority of mankind at this time on this planet.
The goal is to end the cycle of reincarnation

It is the spiritual goal of each soul to leave the cycle of reincarnation and become free souls beyond the physical, astral and causal universes of the Divine creation. The physical, astral and causal universes are but "spiritual school houses" for spiritual development and making some very basic experiences necessary to become God-realized and free souls for the remainder of eternity.   

Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. : The contribution of Dr. Brian Weiss to the field of Past-Life-Regression is unparalleled in modern times and he can rightly be called as the 'Father of modern Past-Life-Regression'. A Columbia and Yale trained M.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Weiss, proved reincarnation with his excellent research on past-life regressions. In the process of treating one of his patients named Catherine using conventional psychotherapy, Dr. Weiss rediscovered past-life-regression.

Though he was initially skeptical, he continued to use past-life-regression in her treatment and the results were miraculous. During one of the sessions, his patient reached a between lives state and communicated with the departed souls of Weiss's father and son and relayed secret information about Weiss's family. As a result, his skepticism turned into solid belief.

He published his experiences in great detail in his first and epoch making book 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. After the stupendous success of his first book, he wrote some more masterpieces like 'Messages from Masters', 'Through Time into Healing, 'Only Love is Real' and 'Same Soul, Many Bodies'.



 Edgar  cayce  In  his  book - 'Born Again and Again' Cayce deals with topics such as deep-seated fears, physical ailments, mental blocks, vocational talents, innate urges and abilities, marriage difficulties, child training, etc. These were examined in the light of what Cayce called the "karmic patterns" resulting from previous incarnations that an individual has had on the earth plane. Scars of  Soul is  a  wonderful book  of  Edgar cayce

What is important to us, as Medical Doctors, is that these regressions are capable of healing patients' emotional, mental and physical problems. . We therefore make no judgments about the process of past life regression and we do not attempt to prove the accuracy or reality of these past life recollections. It is enough for us to know that this is a good, effective and extremely safe way to help and heal the patients.

Conscious & Subconsious mind

 The subconscious mind is where all the experiences of all our lifetimes are stored. The subconscious mind is not accessible in normal waking consciousness. It can be accessed during deep relaxation states or altered states of consciousness. During past-life-regression, subjects are taken to deep levels of relaxation where they enter into a trance state. In this deep state, one can access the subconscious mind where the information about the past lives is stored. . During Meditation  past life memories often open up spontaneously. To understand what happens during trance states, it is important to know about the brain wave activity. The mind has four different levels or stages of activity "Your subconscious is a greater part of you than you know, and the ego is nothing more than the topmost portion of the subconscious."

Who can enter into a Trance?

  Intelligent people have excellent memory and concentration level making it easier for them to focus better and get totally involved in the process. If you are a person who; can express emotions with ease, can visualize imagery in detail or are capable of getting so engrossed in observing nature or your surroundings that you do not feel the passage of time, then you are a person who can go into a trance very easily. If you have a cynical or excessively critical nature, the chances of your going into a trance are lowered. Children can go into a trance very easily because of their good imagination, lack of cynical attitude .

People  who  are  unable  to  go  into  Trance

 People  who experience difficulty going into a trance are those; who have very short attention spans, who are always dwelling in the past, who are constantly worrying about the future, who always use logic instead of emotions, who have very low IQs, who are cynical, who are very skeptical, who resist flowing with the process etc. Other factors that affect ones ability to enter into a trance are; severe alcoholism or drug abuse, inability to follow the language of the therapist, mental retardation, brain damage. The  process  may  be  slow but  it  could  be  improved.

"A sick body with a good heart is more beneficial to future lives than a fit, healthy body that is used for self-cherishing."


 In many cases, Schizophrenia (SCH) is caused by damaged memory filters which allows the baseline past life personality to control the present day body-mind.



 Memory filters in the mind are designed to help individual access their past life skills and talents without connecting with the "pastlife personalities" who earned them. What normally happens is, when an individual is in crisis, they access the "unused" part of their brain (where all their past life data is stored) to help them overcome it.

 Often the past life personality was an integral part of exercise of the talent or skill, which is why the mind needs to filter out the "personality" from the "learned skill or talent". When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off by the mind's past life filters.The original definition of the Greek word "Schizophrenia" was split mind.

Following this usage, from the standpoint of reincarnation, those who are Schizophrenic experience a split between their current and their "baseline" past life personality.

The Schizophrenics will say that they do not experience an "alter" (an alternative personality as in Multiple Personality Disorder) but rather a split inside themselves.Schizophrenics are experiencing is similar to an alter but would be better described as a "baseline" past life personality. This baseline forms the background of their physical dispositions, mental preferences, and emotional preconditioning.

This baseline personality is the sum total of the person's past experience (including past lives) up to and including the present moment. Since the baseline is composed of mostly past life experience, the present life personality can be overwhelmed easily.


 Not all cases of Schizophrenia (SCH) have past life origins. Many cases of these disorders are caused by present day stresses.

Here is how a dominating past life personality can manifest as a Schizophrenic:

  * Paranoid Schizophrenia:

 is where the baseline past life personality causes the present individual to feel extremely suspicious (knowing someone else is present in their mind), persecuted (by the "other" person), grandiose (if their past life personality was more powerful), agitation (at their loss of control), or some combination of these.

   * Disorganized Schizophrenia:

  is where the person is so torn by their split past-present personality that this results in delusions (the present person feeling like their "foreign" past self), hallucinations (seeing through two viewpoints), disorganized thinking (thinking with two minds), and incoherence (due to internal confusion).

    * Catatonic Schizophrenia:

  is where the person is withdrawn (the past self always silencing the present one), mute (apathetic or socially withdrawn), negative (due to internal dialog), and may assume unusual postures (which were characteristic of the past life self).

Residual Schizophrenia is where the person is not delusional or hallucinating, but has no motivation or interest in life, a lack of drive or initiative, or emotional unresponsiveness (from an internal mental stalemate between the past and present personalities).


After Effects:  

 Schizophrenia is usually a life sentence without possibility of parole in any given incarnation, unless the sufferer works with a therapist to move their baseline past life personality into the background.

Advice: Those who have agreed to take on the overwhelming challenges of Schizophrenia almost always have "heavy karma" that is unlikely to be resolved in the space of a single lifetime.

The best thing they can do is to seek out the daily intensive psychiatric counseling with the emphasis on reintegrating the shattered pieces of their mind into a new wholeness so that it can be carried forward into future incarnations. Mind altering drugs should only be used in the worst cases only to move the healing efforts forward.

Are You Being Harmed by Past Lives?

 In my humble opinion, the best indicator of how deeply you are now being effected by your past lives is found when you get the results of our exclusive "Past Life Profile". Your profile will tell you where and how deeply you are effected by past life problems - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Below are the top ten signs that you have a serious past life problem. If you have more than seven of these problems, you know that they are adversely effecting your life now. I advise  you to seek out past life counseling - if not with us, then with someone in your area.


Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere sometime. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in this lifetime is usually directly traceable back to a past life where the disempowering trait or behavior was created. The spiritual purpose of OCD is force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being "plagued" with thoughts and behaviors that they have no control over.

The obsession to do or not do a particular thing or act in a certain way was created in a past lifetime (everything comes from somewhere and at one time everything made sense). The related compulsion does not stop until the past life is healed.

The compulsion is like having a knife stuck in your back. No matter how much you bandage the wound, you will not heal it until the knife is pulled out. The past goes right on sending the pain of compulsion which goes on feeding the undesirable present day obsession until the pain is stopped at it's source.

When the life lesson associated with OCD has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the individual's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to confront the past life(s) where the OCD originated. Going back to the past becomes the means of freeing those "afflicted with OCD" from being condemned to repeat those lessons in the future.



 For many, the weight of the difficult spiritual path they have undertaken in life becomes too much to bear. This may manifest as dark periods where suicide seems the only solution to ending their pain. So if you are thinking of committing suicide or if you have already attempted it, you owe it to yourself to find out why.

Take it from one who knows: suicide is NEVER the answer. Suicide only makes the problem infinitely worse. That is because all suicides are forced to return to a physical plane of existence in a body that is severely compromised in some manner. For example, most "Down's Syndrome" people are returning suicides.


 Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are diseases of "soul weariness" where the body in this life is so weighted down by past life resonances that it cannot function properly until it has had an abnormally long period of rest. These resonances manifest as toxins in your body that are stored in your cellular memory.

The best thing to do for fibromyalgia is NEVER to give into the despair that is an inevitable consequence of prolonged pain and confinement to bed. Other "must dos" for this disease include drinking as much water as you can every day (to flush out the toxins), getting on a daily program of laughing and smiling, and doing some exercise - even if it is only moving your eyes in a regular pattern for an hour daily. For chronic fatigue, the best thing is to walk, increasing the time a little each day.


 Multiple personality disorders (MPD) and/or schizophrenia (SCH) can be caused by the emergence of past life personalities that arise to help the present day person solve problem(s). The trouble comes when these past life personalities are not properly reintegrated back into the present day person's memory.

What normally happens is, that when an individual is in crisis, they access the "unused" part of their brain (where their past life personalities are stored) to help them overcome it. When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off. In cases of MPD or SCH, the crises are either so severe or so chronic that this shut down mechanism cannot function properly.

The mind then has difficulty distinguishing between the current and all prior personalities. In a sense, the prior personalities come back to life and fight for the attention of the current body-mind. In SCH, there is usually a very dominant prior personality which drives out all others except themselves and the current day personality. In MPD, a host of prior personalities jockey for position at the forefront of the person's awareness and end up "taking turns".



 In the most recent generations, the Holocaust and other tragedies have driven many to reincarnate with serious imbalances in their weight.

Those are seriously overweight-obese are usually suffering from a past life resonance which causes the body to become determined never to starve again. "Enough" weight is put on the individual by the body to keep it safe.

Those who are seriously underweight-anorexic are usually suffering from a past life resonance which causes the body to believe that it still must be caught up in the struggle for survival. Individuals become compelled to drop weight and give a variety of other explanations for it (as in they need to "look good", to "be perfect", to "control their out of control lives", etc). The reality is that there is usually a past life personality (often one from a life of abuse or religious "self-abnegation") "starving for attention" and for the healing that only knowledge of the past brings.


 Multiple medical problems at birth (three or more) are usually the result of an individual being on the spiritual "debt consolidation karmic payment plan".

Since birth conditions can never be ignored and usually last for the entire lifetime, they become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious and complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. It is as if all the individual's problems have been rolled into one big, gigantic ball and chain that the individual will be dragging around for "the rest of their life".


 If doctor(s) have told you "I cannot find anything wrong with you" but you are certain something is wrong, then both of you may be right. Past life problems can be remarkably resistant to present day treatments. If the problem truly does originate in the past, the solution will defy resolution using conventional present day therapies. However, if the source of the chronic pain or illness does lie in the past, then past life treatment can most likely produce fast and dramatic healing results.


 A fear or a phobia can be classified as "inappropriate" when the situation triggering the fear or the phobia in fact poses no imminent threat, no forseeable danger, or no actual risk of harm to the individual. Like chronic pain, chronic phobias arising from past life trauma can be very resistant to present day treatments. If the fear is buried in the past, then it is the most quickly healed by going back to the past. Often confronting the fear or phobia is enough just to send it away.


 Often all the people we see or hear or know about in our dreams are just other manifestations of our personality. If the people we see in our dreams seem to be historical (dressed in clothes from the past, etc), they are more than likely who we were in a past life. If these people are being harmed or killed, it is usually your body's way of working off fears associated with these traumas from past lives.

Working off karma in the dream state - believe me - in the end is often much more pleasant than healing it while you are "awake" and it manifests as "reality". Know that if you wake up terrified by a nightmare, it is infinitely less frightening than experiencing real trauma played out as harm to your physical body.


 Many people on the brink of contacting the greater totality of themselves experience a release of cellular toxins over an extended period of time that comes in the form of nasal or lung congestion. This is a necessary cleansing which provides the opening for past life healing. It is your body's way of crying and releasing all the grief that has accumulated within you over the years.



1.What  is  Past life  Regression ?

  Past-life-Regression is an altered state of consciousness during which an individual can access memories of past lives. During Past-life-Regression the regressor first takes the individual to deep levels of relaxation and/or uses other Past-life-Regression techniques to induce a satisfactory level of altered state of consciousness.  Once this is achieved, the subject is gradually regressed to the in-utero stage (the period of time spent in the mother’s womb).  After this, the subject is regressed further to one or more past lives. In this state, the subject can remember/relive the past life/lives and deliver the description verbally.

By doing so, the individual is taking a step closer to SELF DISCOVERY.  In addition, the individual is also discovering root causes of the problems he/she faces in the present life and thus naturally undertakes to rectify these problems. In a nut shell the workshop is designed to bring the transformation in a person and creating health and vitality, peaceful mind, emotional mastery, radiant relationships and abundance.

2. If we really had past-lives, would we not remember them automatically?

  Yes. In reality there are many an occasion when we 'remember' our past lives. At times, these remembrances occur spontaneously. On many other occasions, certain external events or stimulus can act as a trigger and the memory of our past life/lives surfaces. This could happen for instance:

a)When you meet someone for the first time but you get the uncanny feeling that you know that person extremely well.
b)While visiting a foreign country for the first time and knowing where a building or road is.
c) When you are in a situation and get a feeling that you have been in exactly the same situation in the past though you have no evidence of such a situation in this lifetime.
d)When you meet a person for the first time and have an immediate feeling of lack of trust for the person.
e)When you meet a person for the first time and you get the feeling of immense love for and emotional attachment to that person (this is commonly known as love at first sight).

3. What is the unconscious mind?

What unconscious experiences from my past could be influencing my current


  The unconscious mind is an objective tape recorder or command center, which motivates and defines the way you live your life. PLT resolves negative or harmful recordings; it does not change or erase the tape/memory. It affects how you respond and behave once the unconscious dialogue and commands held in place become conscious. By releasing and reframing any unresolved experiences of the past containing confusing and damaging programming, you are free of its affects.

The unconscious indiscriminately records every event, word/action, or non-spoken action, which it then translates into commands 24-hours a day. Even a person’s silence has energy the mind interprets as instructions, which often reinforces unresolved victim/victimizer scripts. The unconscious mind is especially vulnerable during drug-induced unconscious states; i.e., surgeries, shock following an accident, traumas, drug overdoses, comas, etc. Furthermore, birth and prenatal traumas such as arguments between parents, mother’s internal thoughts at conception and throughout her pregnancy, or any attempted abortions, affects your current behaviors and quality of life.

These events allow unconscious dialogue from another person to record as your actual thoughts (interpreted as commands), which motivate and direct you every day. Many times similar or exact commands stem from several unresolved, past-life experiences reinforced during these unconscious, present-life events. These commands recorded in the unconscious mind constantly influence your state of mind, motivations, and overall health. In fact, specific recordings or dictations can even communicate to a specific body part to fail or shut down.


4. Has everyone lived before and can past lives be scientifically proven?

 We have always been here in some form or another just as the planet has been here too. In addition, even though the population may increase, there is an infinitesimal amount of souls in a space between lives or transitional period before incarnating again. It is unlikely that the existence of past lives will be scientifically proven. However, the purpose of Past Life Therapy is not to prove the existence of past lives, but rather to help a client resolve their current issues by accessing unconscious memories regardless of where they are rooted. A belief in past lives or scientific proof that past lives exist is not essential for this therapeutic modality to be successful.

 5. Will I remember what I said in sessions?

  Yes. The Netherton-Paul PLT Method utilizing de-hypnosis allows the client to remain in an awake, but deeply, focused-state. Although the unconscious mind is utilized, you will never be unconscious or unaware of what you are saying or doing and fully capable of rejecting anything that is stated by the therapist in session. The objective of this type of therapy is for you to remember what you said and to become fully conscious of what you need to learn and complete.

6. Are there any major side effects/risks in partaking in PLT?

Will I feel any emotional or physical discomfort during or immediately after a PLT


 Those who commit to the process consistently say they feel good—centered, more creative, and complete. PLTC clients report increased energy and focus without external influences. The presence of victimization in life is gone—life is no longer a burden. Those who finish the process start doing things with people they love because they want to and stop doing things with people they used to fear because they thought they had to prior to therapy. PLTC clients begin living a healthy, balanced lifestyle in alignment with a greatly improved personal and professional life. PLT is very safe and effective.
  Many sessions begin with the past life therapist asking you to focus on the first part of your body that comes to mind, if you had to choose or isolate your symptoms/feelings to a body part.

 You then communicate the first words that come to mind from the body area in question as if that body part could speak. For example, speaking from your legs, “I can’t feel anything” (paralyzed from waist down in a past-life preventing you from feeling/connecting with others in this life); or from chest, “I feel pressure” (e.g. past-life sword to the chest or beam from earthquake on chest crushed you to death contributing to present-life heart disease/problems).
Every client tends to experience or processes past events differently during session. However, most PLTC clients report they can hear dialogue, see images, feel pressure and emotions, even taste or smell. Some can even speak foreign languages or talk of time-periods and historic facts they knew nothing about prior to therapy.Please keep in mind that PLT doesn't create new problems. It simply allows pre-existing, unresolved experiences to surface with their corresponding effects, which are likely already producing havoc in your quality of life.


7. If I undergo a Past-Life-regression Session and experience one or more

past-lives, will I be able to remember the experience after the session is over?

  Yes. However, the clarity with which you remember may vary from person to person and session to session. The experience becomes a part of you and sometimes, more memories are triggered after the session resulting in spontaneous recall of past lives.

8. What  is  cellular  memory?  How  Cellular  memory  works?

  If your body is the "prison" which compels to you work off your karma within predetermined limits, then your cells are the tiny bricks that create this prison.
As it says in the Talmud, "we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are". That is because we are always looking through the world through the eyes of our constantly changing cellular memory.

Unlocking Your Cellular Memory



  Any changes made directly to your "body-mind-spirit" hologram have a profound and accelerated effect in healing. This happens because such changes effect your cellular memory, in effect rapidly updating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual data on file. That is why , Remote Releasement, and Geometric Repatterning can be so effective so quickly.

This kind of transformative body work literally "removes" the unwanted data from the individual's hologram and "replaces" it with more empowering ways of being. Since your cells can be transformed in this manner, this "built in" flexibility allows you to transform your beingness and way of life.

PLT Method accesses cellular memory and allows for traumas, accidents, surgeries, emotional events or prenatal/birth experiences to surface for healing. Whatever you feel throughout the process of PLT is a ‘gift’—it’s source material a highly trained past life therapist can utilize in order to ground your present feelings and concerns to its past-life roots.

For example, if you were to have an appendix operation in a past-life or present-life, you would feel exhausted after the surgery due to the medication and healing time needed for recovery. Although we are obviously not performing surgery in PLT, cellular memory is being accessed that may recreate subtle to moderate emotional/physical affects that are resurfacing for resolution. As a result, the PLT process can sometimes feel like a mental workout, and other times it can feel quite invigorating.

Any pain, discomfort, anxiety, feeling or lack of feeling (numbness), is helpful in Past Life Therapy. Symptoms are a clue at the cellular/soul level that there remains unresolved, past experiences. It is these past incidents and their brainwashing dialogue recorded at the time of shock or unconsciousness that contributes to confusion and present day challenges. By resolving the source of the symptoms, you can release the unresolved issues and resolve the unconscious need to manifest another lifetime of similar circumstances.

Everything you experience in therapy is part of the process. If you feel bad, then PLT uncovers what was already there.
You are simply allowing yourself to experience your emotions fully rather than continuing to cover them. Any fears, insecurities, dreams, or ‘coincidences’ throughout the process may foreshadow or directly connect to an unresolved scene that validates your thoughts and emotions.

9.  Do I need to believe in reincarnation for Past Life Therapy to be effective?

 No. The mind functions beyond current beliefs to cause change. A belief in karma, spirituality, or past lives is not necessary for PLT effectiveness. Not  necessary  to  believe in  reincarination  at  all.

10.What if my memories are 'false memories'?

  What some refer to as 'false memories' are usually pre-natal memories or other unconscious memories indiscriminately recorded as your own. The goal of PLT is to separate and clarify unconscious dialogue, commands, and emotions associated with an unconscious memory which is creating confusion. Some therapists classify memories as 'false memories' since their training does not include the tools necessary to help a client process and gain resolution using their traditional methods.

All past-life memories are unconscious events, including pre-natal/birth experiences, traumas/shock, and drug-induced unconscious states during surgeries. Any dialogue recorded during these events many therapists mistakenly label as 'false memories' are often valid memories/experiences that were recorded and are an integral part of the process of healing; they are significant events that need to be recalled and reframed.

11.If the person regressed sees something traumatic or unpleasant will it not

have a negative impact?

  Remember,there is an old saying - "To relive is to relieve". Once a traumatic or unpleasant situation is relived during the regression, it results in greater understanding at deeper levels of the psyche. In fact, it is trauma that is buried deep inside our subconscious that is the cause of many unexplainable problems faced in this lifetime. Therefore, once the buried trauma is brought to the conscious awareness through regression, the problems start mitigating automatically and naturally  and  you  feel  relaxed.

12. How does Past Life Therapy differ from past life regression, past-life psychic readings, and between lives therapy?

  Past life regression is a guided visualization that usually has the client maintain an observer point of view which doesn't ground the client in the experience. Past life readings are conducted by another person who may or may not access a past-life. The ‘reader’ usually says what the client wants to hear and is providing entertainment. Traditional regressions or readings are seldom therapeutic or life changing. Between lives therapy or space between lives is consulting with spirit guides and masters that likely do not exist.

Past Life Therapy is a down-to-earth, client-centered, clinically based process with the client revealing the details of their past lives. Rather than just reporting a past life story, the Netherton-Paul Method of Past Life Therapy aims to create a permanent shift in consciousness.


13. How does Past Life Therapy differ from other alternative healing methods

such as meditation, yoga, spiritual retreats, self-help books, tapes, etc.?

 Past Life Therapy invokes and awakens healing at all levels stemming from past-life sources, prenatal/birth and present-life experiences. It helps resolve issues that you may be masking or numbing through a variety of conventional or alternative methods that try to meditatively silence the mind. If the mind isn't "quiet" (resolved of negativity, anxiety, etc.), there is a survival-based reason for this condition. PLT doesn't implement techniques to block internal voices; it encourages the voices to be heard. PLT addresses the unresolved, unconscious dialogue contributing to mind-body challenges. Past Life Therapy is very client-centered compared to most therapies, which are group or therapist-centered and don't provide resolution to any debililtative, unconscious commands.

Self-help books are for educational purposes to motivate you to take the next step to heal, though most authors/therapists will lead you to believe that books, tapes, or retreats alone will resolve problems. If affirmations and meditation don't achieve desired results, it is because conscious manipulation (traditional hypnosis or '"talk-therapy") rarely works long-term. The unconscious messages always override the conscious ones until the debilitating aspects of the unconscious are resolved.

After working with the unconscious mind and resolving what is keeping you from regularly feeling inner-calm (via de-hypnosis), any yoga or meditation exercises you choose to practice will be enhanced. But you won't have to try so hard to calm your mind; rather it can be filled with nourishing, productive thoughts that don't weigh you down with limiting voices from the past. Past Life Therapy on its own or in conjunction with other types of complementary activities can encourage sustainable results.

14. Why is it important to re-experience my birth and unconscious experiences

during prenatal development?

  Negative survival patterns and traumatic past-life death experiences are encoded in prenatal development and become part of the unconscious mind at birth. Re-experiencing your prenatal and birth experience allows you to discover your life script and disconnect old patterns binding you to negative core issues.

A Past Life Therapy session will reveal your unconscious agreement between you and your mother/father. This agreement served each other's unconscious needs at the time and allowed you to be born. However, details of the unconscious agreement could be keeping you from moving forward in your life and prospering; therefore, it would need to be released/changed in therapy.

15 . Is it true that intelligent people cannot be hypnotised?

  Quite the contrary, intelligent people make better subjects, because every hypnosis is self hypnosis. Unlike popular perception, you cannot be hypnotised without your will or consent. Intelligent people find it easier to follow instructions, which makes it easy for them to be hypnotised.

16. Is this session going to be like what I see on TV?

  The episodes shown on television are obviously the most intense and entertaining out of a huge number of cases. Also, the clients are not totally unconscious like it appears, as most of them later admit. Being hypnotised feels like you're awake, and you are able to choose what to reveal. Most people maintain awareness of their surroundings and location, and even background noises.

17. How many PLT sessions are necessary?

  PLT is a clinical process similar to psychotherapy. However, it is not psychotherapy or psychiatry. PLT is an alternative healing art that uses de-hypnosis to focus the mind on what needs to be resolved. PLT, compared to conventional therapies, often greatly reduces the number of sessions necessary to resolve issues since PLT is the only therapy that can completely access the root of issues originating from previous lifetimes and integrate the present-life experiences..

The number of sessions necessary to reach full resolution varies by client and their short- or long-term goals. Although Past Life Therapy can provide an efficient, thorough resolution, it is a clinically based process and it requires a degree of commitment. Typically, Past Life Therapy Center clients visit weekly or bi-weekly for any number of months until their issues are resolved. Extended sessions or intensives are another option.

18 .What is karma? How can Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis resolve


 karma means actions and energy. It is the law of attraction. Energy can be re-directed or transferred, but not created or destroyed. Hence, your karmic, unconscious energy can shift to repel harmful, unpleasant energy or transform and consistently attract healthy, balanced energy. Karma mirrors a person’s current state of mind. A person’s karmic energy attracts similar energy or situations. Karma is neither good nor bad. It 'just is’ or ‘what presents itself.’ It is what your unconscious mind is dictating you need to experience.

It enable you to resolve past-life karma in a clinical setting versus unconsciously attracting undesirable karma in today’s living. Unwanted karma will eventually transfer to someone else's energy or unconscious scripts matching their need to experience survival-based victimization, which often manifests addictions, chronic illnesses, accidents, emotional crises, etc.

 At time of death, any unconscious issues left unresolved will carry forward to future lifetimes at birth and throughout adulthood as unresolved karma. This occurs through a process of cellular/soul memory that includes unconsciously choosing the parents and surroundings necessary to mirror any past-life scripts of victimization. It is you, at a soul level, attempting to complete and achieve a greater understanding of the unfinished business of your past. Genes are your present-day motivations for your thoughts, which are held in place by past-life programming. These thoughts are reinforced at birth with false beliefs and commands. Whether these false beliefs were recorded during the shock of a trauma, prenatal/birth experience, or drug-induced unconsciousness of surgery, they are encoded in your mind, control your behaviors, and express your karma.


19. How many past lives will I see in one session?

  This depends on your capacity. Some people are fast and tend to see more, but most people tend to see only one past life, especially in the first session.

20. If I see something very bad, will it affect me in my present life? I  am  scared?

Past life therapy  is all about healing the past. This means that no matter what you see, by the end of the session you will be able to recall the incident without much feeling - the memory may remain, but the emotions will not be there.  You  will  be  totally  cured

21.what ailments or challenges can ithe  Past  Life  Therapy  possibly prevent

or eliminate?

  • Depression -not  cured  by  medicines
  • Hallucinatios and  Ilutions
  • Sadness/ Despair / Mood Disorders
  • Self Esteem
  • Eating Disorders/ Weight Issues—overeating,
  • Drug Abuse/Addictions—-alcohol, smoking,
  •  Obsessivec Compulsive Disorders
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Re-birthing; Prenatal—reframing unconscious scripts or prenatal traumas
  • Sleep Disorders- Insomnia
  • Learning Disabilities- Backwardness  in  Education
  • Focusing/ Attention Deficit Issues
  • Anxieties/ Stress/ Panic Attacks
  • Fears/ Phobias—including fear of death and  other  phobias

  • Sexual Problems—inability to orgasm; impotence; premature ejaculation; sex addiction
  • Sexual Abuse—rape, molestation
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Arthritis—unexpressed anger turned inward
  • Surgeries—resolving dialogue unconsciously recorded during operations
  • Interpersonal—people skills; developing healthy boundaries
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Trauma—resolving unconscious commands recorded during a trauma
  • Anger "Management"—releasing the unconscious source rather than holding it in/managing / Controlling
  • Public Speaking
  • "Dis-eases"—acute/chronic/terminal
  • Autoimmune disorders-HIV,AIDS, Lupus, etc.
  • Misc. Chronic Health Issues
  • TOP

  • Feeling stuck in one's career or personal life
  • Couple Counseling/ Relationship Issues
  • Closure—addressing difficulty of ending a relationship or death of a loved one
  • Skin Problems

  • TMJ
  • Vision or Hearing Issues- Hallucinations
  • Breathing Problems—Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, etc.
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Memory Loss/ Alzheimer's
  • Seizures/ Epilepsy/ Fainting
  • Circulation Issues/ Blood Clots/ Stroke
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Tumors
  • Ulcers
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Infections
  • Phobias—Claustrophobia, , Acrophobia, etc.

  • Gambling Addictions
  • Internet/Digital-age related Addictions

  • Autism
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • Digestive Issues
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Dyslexia
  • Physical Pain—back, neck, vaginal, etc.
  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)
  • Tonsillitis
  • Menopausal Effects

  • Developing and expanding one's intuition
  • Becoming more present—"living in the "now"
  • Improving acting skills for theatre/film
  • To become a more 'feeling' individual who can express emotions freely
  • Dream Analysis—reoccurring dreams, nightmares
  • Changing unwanted patterns and negative thoughts
  • Seeking answers within to life's most complex questions
  • Curiosity—interest in learning how one came to be/ how one lived in previous lifetimes
  • Spiritual Growth/Advancement
  • Inner Peace and  wisdom
  •  Hyperactivity
  • Spiritual  development



  Many physical disturbances, according to Woolger, turn out to have past life origins. He tells of a man with compulsive handwashing behavior who visualized himself as an eighteenth-century surgeon who realized that many of his patients had died from unsterile conditions. A woman's chronic migraine disappeared after reliving the agony of a seven year old dying from the head wounds inflicted with an iron bar wielded by her father.

Woolger refers to these physical manifestations of apparent past life experiences as inherited structures. A weak stomach may carry past life memories of poisoning, starvation, or dysentery. Strong traces of guilt associated with specific parts of the body are harder to dislodge, says Woolger, "long difficult repentance."

"Where there are several lives of alternating victimization and revenge" writes Woolger, "the psyche may often unconsciously be inviting repeated self-punishment to a certain area of the body. Hunched shoulders may contain several layers of past life stories where there were repeated beatings and brutality to others, the same soul apparently having been both slave-master and slave, persecutor and victim several times over."

In conjunction with regression therapy, Woolger suggests bodywork with a competent professional (traditional massage, Rolfing, Hellerwork, etc.) as a means of releasing past memories from the body tissues.

  The bad things that happen to us in this life are not God's punishment but our own revenge upon ourselves. And we have thus committed the ultimate sin, the sin of unforgiveness, against ourselves. "Escape from the spiral of self-recrimination is not always easy," writes Woolger.

Regression therapy aims to guide us to a kinder view of ourselves. Rather than viewing illness and unhappiness as God's punishment for our sins, it is viewed as our subtle body's memories of traumatic past events. "Not just the victim, but the bully and the rapist in all of us also are in need of healing and forgiveness. Men are not the only ones who must deal with this particularly pernicious shadow."

Past life therapy involves bringing the client back to unconscious memories involving the past.Based on the presenting problem of the client I ask the client to go back to the relevant lifetime in which the problem first presented itself. We then integrate the events and the subsequent feelings and thoughts into the present. We examine the connections between the present and the past. The resulting process is very effective in understanding and healing the clients presenting problems.

If the client wishes, we call on Spirit Guides to come when the client is in the life between lives period. We ask them for guidance, life purpose and advice.

A  poem  about  Past  Life  Therapy

The days from my past life
It feels so long ago
Life was about the laughs
Thats what I thought was so

So now, in this life
I look back in the past
And knew it was to good to be
And knew it wouldn’t last

I ask myself all the time
What life is better for me
One that was full of laughs
Is this one too good to be
Or the one with all of the cries
With hate, fights and tears

I would say neither
Because in both, I will have some fears
But I believe Past Life Therapy will cure me!.


Past life therapy can help resolve karma, improve relationships, cure diseases and aid your personal growth. Above all, it can bring you a step closer to the timeless in you that can never die.

Heal YOUR Past Lives so that you can...

Free all YOUR Present Potential so that you can...

Empower YOUR Future and "be all that you can be!"


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முற்பிறவி மனோவியாதியும், சிறப்பு ஹிப்னாடி சிகிச்சையும்
மனோதத்துவ நிபுணர் டாக்டர் வேதமாலிகா
மனோவியாதி என்பதபல்வேறதருணங்க்ளில், பல காரணங்களினாலஏற்படுகிறது. மனோவியாதியைபபொருத்தவரகுணப்படுத்துவதற்கமருந்து, மாத்திரையவிடவுமகவுன்சலிஙஎனப்படுமநோயாளியுடனஅமர்ந்தபேசி அவர்களினஆழ்மனதிலஎன்சிந்தனஓட்டமஉள்ளதஎன்பதஅறிந்து, அதற்கேற்சிகிச்சஅளிப்பதசிறந்ததாகும்.

அதுபோன்றதொருசிகிச்சையேஹிப்னாடிக் சிகிச்சை.இந்தசிகிச்சையுடன்தொடர்புடையது ுற்பிறவிமருத்துவசிகிச்சைஎனலாம்.

முற்பிறவி மருத்துவ சிகிச்சை (Past Life Therapy)என்ற தலைப்பில் உளவியல் ஆராய்ச்சிகள் ரஷ்யாவிலும், ஜெர்மனியிலும், அமெரிக்காவிலும் தொடர்ந்து நடைபெறுகின்றன.

டாக்டர் வேதமாலிகா ிப்னோதெரபி சிகிச்சை முறையில், மனவியாதிகள் மருந்தின்றி குணமாக்கப்படுகின்றன. இதனால் மருந்துகளால் ஏற்படும் பக்கவிளைவுகள் (side effects) தவிர்க்கப்படுகின்றன.

முற்பிறவியில் நிறைவேறாத நம் ஆசைகள், விட்டுப் பிரிந்து போன காதல் உறவுகள் இப்பிறவியில் நிறைவேறுவதாக அமெரிக்க மனநல மருத்துவர் டாக்டர் பிரெய்ன் கூறுகிறார்.

நாம் முற்பிறவியில் பாதியில் விட்டுப்போன கடமைகளை அறிந்து செயலாற்றவும், இந்த சிகிச்சை உதவுகிறது.

முற்பிறவிகளில் கற்ற கலைகள், கல்வியறிவும் கூட இப்பிறவியில் நம் ஆழ்மனதில் பதிந்துள்ளன. அதை அறிந்து செயல்படுவதால்தான் சிறிய வயதில் கூட பலரால் பெரிய சாதனைகளை புரிய முடிகிறது. அதற்கு இந்த ஹிப்னாடிக் சிகிச்சை உதவுகிறது.

செல் நினைவுத் திறன் (Cellular Memory):

நமது உடலில் உள்ள செல்கள் அனைத்திலும் ஆழ்மனதில் பதிந்துள்ள கடந்த கால நினைவுகள் நிறைந்துள்ளன. முந்தைய பிறவியில் நாம் அனுபவித்த இன்ப, துன்பங்கள், உடலில் ஏற்பட்ட வலிகள்-வேதனைகள் அனைத்துமே செல்களில் நிறைந்துள்ளன. அவற்றிற்கு ஏற்றபடிதான் நம் உடலும், உள்ளமும் இயங்குகிறது.

கடந்த கால நினைவலைகள் செல்களில் நீக்கமற நிறைந்திருப்பதால், நமது வாழ்வு பாதிக்க நேரிடுகிறது.

Past Life Theraphy - எனப்படும் மனநல மருத்துவ முறையில் இந்த மனபாதிப்புகளை கண்டறிந்து நீக்கி விட்டால், மனதும் உடலும் எந்த மருந்தும் இல்லாமல் பக்கவிளைவுகளின்றி நிரந்தர குணம் அடைஏதுவாகிறது.

மனம் அமைதியாகவும், தெளிவாகவும் இருந்தால், எத்தனையோ உண்மைகள் புரிகின்றன. ஆனாலமனக்குழப்பத்தின் போது ஆறாவது அறிவு செயல்படுவதில்லை. ஆழ்மனதுடன் தொடர்புடைய பிரச்சினை என்பதால், எந்த மருந்தும் குணப்படுத்துவதில்லை.

ஆழ்மனதை ஊடுருவிப் பார்த்து மன பாதிப்புக்கான காரணத்தை அறிந்து, அதற்குரிய சிகிச்சையை அளித்தால், எந்தவித நாட்பட்ட மன வியாதியும் குணமாகி விடுகிறது. இந்த அரிய சிகிச்சை முறைதான் ஹிப்னோதெரபி.

முற்பிறவி பயங்களை குணப்படுத்தும் முறைக்கு Past Life Therapy என்று பெயர்.

ஒரு மனிதன் இறந்து விட்டாலும், அவனது ஆத்மா மறுபிறவி எடுக்கிறது. அந்த ஆத்மாவில் அல்லது மனதில் பதிந்துள்ள நினைவுகளும், உணர்வுகளும் அழிந்து விடுவதில்லை. தொடர்ந்து அடுத்த பிறவியிலும் ஆழ்மனதில் வியாபித்து இருப்பது பல ஆராய்ச்சிகள் மூலம் தெரிய வந்துள்ளது.

உதாரணமாக முற்பிறவியில் நெருப்பில் எரிந்து உயிரிழந்தவருக்கு, இந்த பிறவியில் விளக்கின் தீ கூட பயத்தை ஏற்படுத்தலாம்.

சிலர் தண்ணீரைக் கண்டு அஞ்சுவர். வேறு சிலர் தனியாக இருப்பதற்குப் பயப்படுவார்கள். இதுபோன்ற மனோவியாதிகளுக்கு ஹிப்னோதெரபி முறை அவசியமாகிறது.

எனவே ஆழ்மன ரணங்கள் (Subconcious wounds) நிச்சயம் அகற்றப்பட வேண்டும் என்று ஆய்வு முடிவுகள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன. இதற்கு உதாரணமாக பல நிகழ்வுகளைச் சொல்ல முடியும்.

மீனாட்சி என்ற இளம் பெண் முந்தைய பிறவியில் சாலை விபத்தில் இறந்து போனதாகவும், அந்த நினைவுகளால் தான் மன நோயாளியாக 15 ஆண்டுகள் வரை இருந்ததாகவும் தெரிய வந்தது. ஹிப்னாடிச முறைப்படி அவருக்கு சிகிச்சை அளிக்கப்பட்டு தற்போது அவர் குணம் அடைந்துள்ளார்.

ஹிப்னாடிச சிகிச்சை மட்டுமல்லாதுPara Psychotherapy எனும் மனோசக்தி மருத்துவமும் பேருதவியாக உள்ளது. இந்த சிகிச்சை மூலம் முற்பிறவி மனோவியாதிகளுக்கு சிகிச்சை அளிக்க முடிகிறது.

முற்பிறவி மருத்துவம் குறித்து மேலும் விவரம் அறிய விரும்புவோர்,


போன்ற இணையதளங்களுக்குச் சென்று அறிந்து கொள்ளலாம்.

Past life therapyமுறையில் குணமாகும் நோய்கள்:

காரணமற்ற மனச்சோர்வு / விரக்தி (Panic Depression).

சிறு வயது முதலே இனம்தெரியாத பயங்களுடன் வாழ்வது

தனக்குள் ஒரு தீயசக்தி புகுந்து ஆட்டுவிப்பதாக கூறுதல்.

கட்டுக்கடங்காத வெறித்தனம் / பழிவாங்கும் உணர்வு.

வாழ்வில் வெறுப்பு, சலிப்பு, அதிகமான பதட்டம்.

முறையற்ற பாலியல் உறவுகள்.

தாங்கமுடியாத, வெளியே சொல்லமுடியாத மன உளைச்சல்கள்.

நாட்கணக்காக சாப்பிடாமல், தூங்காமல் இருத்தல்.

ஒருவரே இருவித / பலவித மனப்பான்மையுடன் செயல்படுதல் (Multiple personality).

வேண்டாத அருவருப்பான நினைவுகள் தொடர்ந்து வந்து வாட்டுதல் (Obsession).

எப்போதும் தற்கொலை முயற்சி.

கடவுள் அல்லது தேவதை தன்னுடன் மட்டும் பேசுவதாகக் கூறுதல்.

குணப்படுத்த முடியாத மன / உடல் நோய்கள்.

சுயநினைவு/மனக்கட்டுப்பாட்டை இழந்து எங்கோ கற்பனையில் எப்போதும் சஞ்சரித்தல்.

கணவன்/மனைவி மேல் காரணமற்ற வெறுப்பு - வீட்டை விட்டு ஓடிப் போகுதல்.

மருந்தால் தீர்க்க முடியாத மனக்கோளாறுகள்.

நாம் காலங்காலமாக சுமந்து வரும் கடந்த கால எதிர்மறையான எண்ணங்களை (Past Life Negative Baggages) ஆழ்மனதில் இருந்து நீக்கி விட்டால், இன்றைய வாழ்வில் அமைதியையும், முன்னேற்றத்தையும் காண முடியும் என்பதில் ஐயமில்லை.

தவிர இப்பிறவியில் நாம் செய்யும் நன்மைகள் கடந்த பிறவிகளின் பாவச் சுமைகளை குறைக்கின்றன. இங்கே ஆன்மிகமும், அறிவியலும் சங்கமமாகின்றன. எனவே அறிவியலும், ஆன்மிகமும் ஒன்று என்பது புலனாகிறது.


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