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  A path breaking reality show which delves into the paranormal experiences of celebrities through scientific hypnosis done by Clinical Psychologist / Para Psychologist / Past life therapist Dr Vethamalika. The cine actresses and actors participated in this show and explain their past life experiences crossing many births, many life times. Please Watch DR.Vethamalika'S TV Programme MUNJENMAM Telecasted In VIJAY TV. Click on any video to watch.
Munjenmam 05/05/12 with Charmila Munjenmam 11/08/12 with Sindoori Munjenmam 30/06/12 with Initha
Munjenmam 03/03/12 with Yogini Munjenmam 07/04/12 with Kavitha Munjenmam 12/05/12 with Swapna
Munjenmam 02/06/12 with Andai Kumar
Munjenmam 24/03/12 with Gana Viji Munjenmam 09/06/12 with Sulakshana
Munjenmam 28/04/12 with Selvaraj Swami Munjenmam 17/03/12 with Father Munjenmam 21/04/12 with Vadivukarasi
Munjenmam March 10 with Hamsaveni part 1 Munjenmam March 10 with Hamsaveni part 2 Munjenmam March 10 with Hamsaveni part 3
Munjenmam March 10 with Hamsaveni part 4 Munjenmam 19-05-12 with santhi williams part-1 Munjenmam 19-05-12 with santhi williams part-2
Munjenmam 19-05-12 with santhi williams part-3 Munjenmam with Abitha Munjenmam with Sabarna
Munjenmam with Ammu Munjenmam with Kaveri Munjenmam with Nisha
Munjenmam 28-7-12 with Rani munjenmam 21/7/12 with Anjali Devi

Munjenmam 04/08/12 with Sandya

munjenmam episode-7 with Lalitha Munjenmam 14-7-12 with Sai Priya Munjenmam 7/7/12 with K R Vatsala
Munjenmam 31-03-12 with Rajendiran part-1 Munjenmam 31-03-12 with Rajendiran part-2 Munjenmam 31-03-12 with Rajendiran part-3
Munjenmam 26-05-12 with Danalakshmi part-1 Munjenmam 26-05-12 with Danalakshmi part-2 Munjenmam 26-05-12 with Danalakshmi part-3
Munjenmam episode-6 with Kavya Varshini Munjenmam episode-5 Bobilona Munjenmam episode-4 with Lakshmi
Munjenmam 23-06-12 with Sabitha Anand Munjenmam 19-11-11 with Bose Venkat Munjenmam 16-06-12 with Deepa
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